Bunker (2022) Horror Movie Review


“Bunker,” directed by Adrian Langley and penned by Michael Huntsman, is a film that delves into the psychological terror and claustrophobic horror of World War I. The movie’s premise is centered around a group of soldiers trapped in a bunker, cut off from the outside world, who begin to experience unexplainable and sinister events.

The setting of “Bunker” is its most compelling character. The small, confined space where the soldiers find themselves becomes a breeding ground for paranoia and fear. The film effectively uses this setting to explore the mental state of its characters, showcasing how isolation and the stress of war can deteriorate one’s psyche. The bunker, with its dim lighting and close quarters, creates an atmosphere ripe for tension and dread.

Performance-wise, the cast delivers with what they have been given. Luke Baines, portraying the character Kurt, stands out with a performance that captures the essence of a man teetering on the edge of sanity. The rest of the cast, including Eddie Ramos as Pvt. Segura and Patrick Moltane as Lt. Turner, support the narrative with solid performances that convey the desperation and confusion of men in a dire situation.

The film’s visual effects are minimalistic, which works in its favor, allowing the audience to focus more on the characters’ emotional journey rather than being distracted by over-the-top visuals. This choice aligns well with the film’s overall theme of psychological horror, where what isn’t seen can be just as terrifying as what is.

However, “Bunker” is not without its flaws. Critics have pointed out the lack of historical accuracy in terms of the setting and props, which can take away from the immersive experience of the film. Additionally, the pacing of the movie has been a point of contention, with some reviews mentioning that the slow build-up could cause the tension to dissipate rather than intensify.

In conclusion, “Bunker” is a film that attempts to capture the horrors of war through the lens of psychological terror. It’s a movie that will likely appeal to fans of the horror genre who appreciate a more subdued approach to scares and thrills. While it may not be a groundbreaking entry in the genre, “Bunker” offers a chilling look at the impact of war on the human mind and the darkness that can emerge when men are pushed to their limits.

In the Nutshell

“Bunker” didn’t have much fuel to get me interested through 1 hour 48 minutes.  This movie is best suitable for short film or one of the episodes of Twilight Zone.  [2 out of 5].

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