Cave (2016) Horror Movie Review


‘Cave’ is a Norwegian thriller that delves into the depths of both human psyche and the earth. Directed by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, the film follows a trio of adventurers who set out to explore an uncharted cave system, only to find themselves in a fight for survival against unseen forces.

The premise of ‘Cave’ is intriguing, promising a blend of adventure and suspense. The setting is a character in itself, with the claustrophobic cave systems providing a backdrop that is both visually stunning and inherently menacing. The cinematography captures the oppressive darkness of the caves, punctuated by the adventurers’ lights, creating an atmosphere thick with tension.

The cast, led by Heidi Toini, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, and Benjamin Helstad, deliver performances that are commendable given the physical demands of the roles. Their characters are crafted with backstories that add layers to the narrative, particularly the complicated romantic dynamics and past rivalries that resurface as the situation deteriorates.

However, ‘Cave’ struggles with its execution. The writing often falls short, failing to fully flesh out the characters and their motivations. This leads to decisions that seem illogical, detracting from the film’s attempt to build a realistic survival scenario. The pacing is uneven, with some sections of the film dragging, while others rush through potentially compelling moments.

The film’s reception was mixed, with some praising its concept and setting, while others criticized the script and character development. The IMDb rating of 4.2/10 suggests that while ‘Cave’ had potential, it may not have fully realized it in the eyes of viewers.

In the Nutshell

‘Cave’ is a film with a solid foundation and a promising premise. It offers a few thrills for fans of the genre but ultimately falls short of being a memorable addition to the thriller category. It serves as a reminder of the challenges of crafting a compelling narrative that matches the promise of its setting. For those interested in cave exploration and survival dramas, ‘Cave’ might be worth a watch, but it may not satisfy those looking for a well-rounded cinematic experience.  I give 3 out of 5 stars.

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Genre: Thriller


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