FEATURING: 4 Films to Die 4 Project

I am really excited with the new horror project called 4 Films to Die 4.  4 Films to Die 4 is a horror anthology of 4 short horror films.  4 films consist of 3 horror films and 1 Comedy horror film. The project is currently on production in UK by independent film makers Rui Pedro Sousa, Ewa Habdas, and Maria Cano. Currently (May 2017), they finished shooting first two short films and they need. help to finish the movie. Check out their Indigogo campaign and see their story.  Let’s support these independent filmmakers!

The Interview

I was able to interview two of the film makers about the film.

Why did you decided to make 4 short films instead of one featured film?

Rui Sousa: Lest face it. To do ONE short film is incredibly difficult. Specially in London where you almost need to pay to breath air. We would love to make a feature but money is a huge obstacle for us. So we decided to make the 4 short films to show ourselves to investors. Two of the shorts have great potential to become feature films and this is one of the ways we are trying to achieve this.

Ewa Habdas: It was Rui’s idea. But I can see why he wanted to do so. As he says a feature film requires more money but I also think that making short films is  a great exercise and preparation to the next step which is a feature film, which is much more complex. Every of these films are different and every of them is teaching us something new. Moreover, the four films are made with the same crew, witch some exceptions. This is gives us great opportunity not only know each other better in terms of professional relationship but also I think build trust which I am sure allows us one day to create amazing feature movie, hopefully a development of one of two shorts films, or even both of them.

Who and how did you come up with stories of each film?

 Rui Sousa: The project started with two scripts Zombie and George, which  I found on InkTip (a platform where writes post their scripts for motion pictures). At the time, I also had two horror shorts, I had written. Both of them were inspired by bedtime ghost stories that everyone heard in their childhood. Then I realised that the three horror shorts can work together as a trilogy and create a package, when George – a comedy could go to festivals on its own.

Besides money, what are some of challenges and pain making the film.

 Rui Sousa: The most challenging thing is, as always, to keep the crew interested. I mean, the stories are great and they are on board for free because of the stories, but after one film, and another and another it ends up being like a routine you know and some of them might start to loose the interest in it. So I believe the most challenging thing is also to keep the crew happy and willing to keep on fighting. As the leader of the ship you need to find the ways to keep the ship moving you know?

Ewa Habdas: For me always it is to find a perfect location. It seems that always something is not like it should be: the window is not on the side it should be, location is too close to airport, the owner is not happy with having 23 people on the property and generally locations are so expensive, so we are back to money. Another, challenge for me is to overview the whole project to make sure that I have everything under control and I do not forget everything and that all communications channels work good or even perfect. It is stressful sometimes but I love it so I do not mind. And one more thing it is not a challenge per se but my personal challenge to make sure that people are happy and taken care of when working on my team, that every one of them feels that they are important part of the project, because filmmaking is not created by one person but each individual involved.

Any advice for those who wants to starts a film project like this?

 Rui Sousa: Write it, search for the crew, talk to them, make them believe in you, show your vision, get a camera and shoot. There are many many talented people out there with great stories on their laps that just get used to their routines and eventually put the projects aside “to do latter”. Don’t do it. If you believe in the project, if you believe in yourself. Make it your daily life the goal to make this thing happen.

Ewa Habdas: Believe in yourself and never give up, there are better days and worst but never give up. Just start doing it the rest will follow.


Here are trailers for short films from the project.


First film is called Zombie.  Zombie tells the story of two Brothers walking through the forest to visit there friend and they discovered a dead body. “



Second short comedy called George. It is about a man named George who just wants eat his Hamburger without any interruption.. It is a satire that shows how far you are willing to go just to feel good about yourself.

Awoken Teaser

Awoken is an adaptation of a campfire story which you often hear when you are a child. At its core, it’s a story about how often you take things for granted and how often you judge a book by it’s cover.

Whispers Teaser

Whispers is an adaptation of a campfire story which you often hear when you are a child. At its core is all about how you face your own fears.

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