Galaxy of Horrors (2017) Movie Review


Galaxy of Horror (2017) is an anthology that stitches together a series of sci-fi and horror shorts, each offering a unique glimpse into the realms of the unknown and the terrifying. The film’s structure, reminiscent of classic anthologies, presents a variety of narratives that range from the gruesome to the visually stunning, showcasing the talents of various directors and writers.

The central narrative revolves around a man trapped in a malfunctioning cryogenic pod, forced to watch these stories unfold as his life support dwindles. This framing device is a clever way to bind the disparate tales, though some viewers may find the lead story somewhat lacking in engagement.

The segments themselves are a mixed bag, with some standing out for their inventive storytelling and others for their impressive low-budget effects. Standout segments like “Eden” and “They Will All Die in Space” offer compelling visuals and thought-provoking concepts that challenge the viewer’s imagination. Others, such as “Flesh Computer” and “Eveless,” delve into more gruesome territory, which may not be to everyone’s taste but certainly add to the film’s horror credentials.

The anthology format is inherently hit or miss, and Galaxy of Horror (2017) is no exception. Some stories resonate more strongly than others, and the quality of acting and direction can vary significantly from one short to the next. However, the film does a commendable job of paying homage to its sci-fi and horror roots, with clear nods to genre classics and a palpable love for the material from its creators.

For fans of indie cinema and experimental storytelling, Galaxy of Horror offers a showcase of creativity and a testament to what can be achieved with passion and limited resources. While it may not have the polish of big-budget productions, it stands out as a labor of love that offers enough intrigue and variety to warrant a watch.

Story #1 : Eden

Eden is set in futuristic time in United State where the air is poisonous.  The story has bit of sci-fi political.

Story #2 : Iris

Iris is about Siri-like smartphone assistant name “Iris”.  She is very intelligent and mind of her own.

Story #3 : Flesh Computer

Flesh Computer is about a scientist who is trying to combine computer with human flash in his apartment in a run down apartment complex.  But the things go wrong when neighborhood thugs trying to destroy the computer.

Story #4 : Pathos

The first of two foreign language pieces, “Pathos” is about a future where mankind has been forced to live underground and get fed the images of luxury according to their payments.  It is has bit of concept from Matrix movie.

Story #5 : Eveless

Eveless portrays a world where women are extinct, and these two men men seek to create one again.

Story #6 : They Will All Die In Space

This short story is about a spaceship that has been drifting for while.  The crew members are trying to repair their ship and allow them to send a distress signal, but things aren’t going.well.

Story #7 : Entity

Entity is about a astronaut who is drifting into the space after her spaceship blows up.  She fights desperately for survival.

Story #8 : Kingz

The second foreign language film and last entry of this anthology is about two drug dealers who enter a club in order to make a cocaine deal but they end up faced with unexpected problems.

In the Nutshell

Galaxy of Horror (2017) is an ambitious project that, despite its unevenness, provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to explore the sci-fi/horror genre. It’s a film that invites curiosity and rewards viewers who appreciate the raw edges and bold ideas that often characterize independent filmmaking. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the genre or a newcomer looking to explore the outer limits of cinema, Galaxy of Horror has something to offer. Just be prepared for a journey that’s as unpredictable as it is otherworldly.  I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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