I Came By (2022) Horror Movie Review


“I Came By,” a 2022 thriller directed by Babak Anvari, is a film that ambitiously attempts to blend tension-filled storytelling with poignant social commentary. The movie follows Toby, portrayed by George MacKay, a young graffiti artist who targets the homes of London’s wealthy elite. His actions lead him to uncover a dark secret about a prestigious judge, played by Hugh Bonneville, setting off a chain of events that endanger himself and those closest to him.

The film has been noted for its narrative zest and its ability to surprise viewers with its unconventional flow. Anvari, known for his work on “Under the Shadow” and “Wounds,” continues to explore themes of social consciousness, focusing on how the powerful can often evade justice in plain sight. This is exemplified by Bonneville’s character, who uses his influence to shield himself from scrutiny, embodying a kind of haughty malevolence that is both chilling and believable.

Critics have praised the film for its well-composed scenes and the performances, especially Bonneville’s against-type portrayal, which adds a layer of intrigue to the narrative. Despite some criticisms regarding its screenplay and the handling of its ambitious themes, “I Came By” has been received as an entertaining thriller that manages to maintain viewer interest through its suspenseful execution and socially conscious gestures.

The film’s approach to storytelling, which includes multiple point-of-view shifts and time jumps, has been a point of discussion among reviewers. Some have found this technique to be a refreshing departure from conventional thrillers, while others feel it contributes to a sense of narrative uncertainty. Regardless, “I Came By” has been successful in sparking conversations about the societal issues it portrays, such as the impunity of the elite and the invisibility of the marginalized.

In the Nutshell

“I Came By” stands out in the crowded field of Netflix thrillers. It may fall short of perfection, but its compelling themes and strong performances make it a film worth watching. But as a horror fan, this movie isn’t much of horror. [3 out of 5].

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