Mercy Christmas Review (2017)


Mercy Christmas is Christmas slasher horror with comedy twist.

The Story

The story is about a character named Michael Briskett who is a shy and lonely man.  The story gets interesting when a beautiful co-worker invites him to her family holiday dinner.  But this is not a normal family.  The dinner quickly turns into a nightmare and Michael find himself fighting for his life.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

I am not a big fan of holiday horror film, but I find Mercy Christmas very enjoyable.

The story is based on lead character Michael Briskett played by Steven Hubbell.  He is the heart of the film and his strong performance really made the movie enjoyable.  Michael Briskett is very likable character.  He is passive, awkward, gullible, and very lonely man.  He is getting ready to spend another lonely Christmas, but it gets interesting when he is thrown into very intense and life-and-death situation.

Acting from the rest of the casts are very good especially the evil boss character played by Cole Gleason.  Also Michael’s love interest, Cindy, played by Casey O’Keefe is very beautiful and played the part very well.

I have to admit, the movie starts slow.  It takes its time to setup and develop Michael’s character.  The movie does start out as typical cheesy romantic comedy, but it will quickly turns into horror.

The movie is slasher film.  There are lots of violence in the movie, but we don’t get to see too much of actually gore.  Most likely, they are trying to cut the film cost down by not having too much gore special effect. But it is just as effective because we know exactly what is going on.

Mercy Christmas is comedy horror. It has bit of sit-com feel to the movie with clever punch lines and witty dialogs.  But towards the end of the movie, it does gets pretty intense with has gripping suspense.

At the end, we are rooting for Michael.  Can he able to survive from this intense situation he was put into?  If he does, how?  There is no surprise twist ending. It is just fun thrill ride.

In the Nutshell

Mercy Christmas fun Christmas comedy horror slasher. Relased just in time for Christmas.  I give 4 out of 5 stars.  

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