Monolith (2022) Movie Review with Ending Explained


The Review

“Monolith,” a film that debuted in 2022, has been a topic of discussion among sci-fi enthusiasts and critics alike. Directed by Matt Vesely, the movie presents a gripping narrative through the eyes of a disgraced journalist played by Lily Sullivan, who turns to podcasting in an attempt to salvage her career. The plot thickens as she uncovers a mysterious artifact that she believes is evidence of an alien conspiracy.

The film’s strength lies in its ability to maintain a sense of claustrophobia and suspense, with Sullivan’s performance being a standout. She brings depth to her character, making the audience root for her despite the odds. The movie’s use of a single location and minimal cast is a testament to the creative restraint employed by the filmmakers, which works in favor of the story’s tension.

However, “Monolith” is not without its criticisms. Some viewers have pointed out the film’s pacing issues and its reliance on conspiracy theory clichĂ©s. The character development, while strong for the protagonist, falls short for the supporting cast, who are mostly relegated to voice roles. This choice, while creative, may have hindered the audience’s ability to fully engage with the narrative.

Visually, the film does not disappoint. The cinematography is commendable, with several shots that are likely to stay with the viewer long after the credits roll. The eerie atmosphere is palpable, and the film’s sound design adds to the overall unsettling feeling that “Monolith” aims to evoke.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert!)

The ending of “Monolith” (2022) is a complex and thought-provoking conclusion to a film that delves into themes of guilt, identity, and the human psyche. The film follows an unnamed journalist who, after facing a scandal for not fact-checking her sources, embarks on a journey to create a podcast titled ‘Beyond Believable.’ This podcast explores the mysterious appearance of black bricks in people’s homes, which are suggested to be of extraterrestrial origin.

As the journalist interviews various individuals connected to these bricks, she uncovers a personal connection to the story. The bricks, which contain symbols from an unknown language, seem to be linked to illness and strange visions experienced by their recipients. The journalist’s investigation leads her to Floramae, whose daughter Paula was wrongfully accused of vandalism by the journalist’s own family. It is revealed that the journalist’s family had taken a black brick as compensation for the supposed damages and later sold it to an art collector.

In a twist of fate, the journalist discovers that she herself may have been responsible for the vandalism and that her family’s actions have caused suffering to others. Faced with this realization, she chooses to delete an interview that implicates her father, effectively choosing to suppress the truth.

The film’s climax sees the journalist coughing up a black brick, symbolizing her internalization of guilt and the burden of the untold story. When she smashes the brick, it transforms into a doppelgänger of herself, leading to a confrontation where one version is killed. This moment represents the journalist’s struggle with her conscience and the consequences of her actions.

The significance of the black bricks remains ambiguous, leaving viewers to ponder whether they are a metaphor for mental illness, a representation of alien influence, or both. The film challenges the audience to reflect on the nature of truth and the impact of our choices on others.

“Monolith” is a film that invites multiple interpretations, and its ending is no exception. It serves as a mirror to our own experiences with truth, responsibility, and the search for meaning in the inexplicable events of life.

In the Nutshell

“Monolith” is a film that offers a fresh take on the sci-fi thriller genre. It’s a bold attempt at storytelling that relies heavily on its lead’s performance and the director’s vision. While it may not satisfy all viewers, especially those looking for a more traditional sci-fi experience, it certainly provides food for thought and a unique cinematic experience. For those willing to embrace its experimental approach, “Monolith” is a journey worth taking. [4 out of 5].

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