Residue (2017) Horror Movie Review


“Residue” (2017) is a film that delves into the gritty underbelly of the supernatural noir genre, offering a unique blend of horror, thriller, and detective elements. Directed by Rusty Nixon, this indie film presents a haunting narrative that revolves around a private investigator who finds himself entangled in a dangerous web of dark forces.

The movie’s central premise is built around a mysterious book that seems to cast a malevolent influence over those who come into contact with it. This concept, while not entirely novel, is executed with a fresh twist that sets “Residue” apart from its contemporaries. The film pays homage to classics like “Evil Dead” but carves out its own identity with a distinctive style and approach.

James Clayton leads the cast with a compelling performance as the private investigator, whose personal stakes in the story add depth to the character’s journey. Despite some criticisms regarding his youthful appearance for the role of a father, Clayton’s portrayal is nuanced and engaging. The supporting cast, including the seasoned Williams B.Davis, contributes significantly to the film’s immersive atmosphere, although some viewers may wish for more screen time for such talented actors.

The film’s low-budget roots are evident, yet this does not detract from the overall experience. Instead, it adds a layer of charm and authenticity that fans of indie cinema will appreciate. The creative direction and script work in tandem to deliver a story that is both mysterious and captivating, without falling into the trap of over-explanation.

“Residue” also experiments with its setting, placing the narrative in a near-future scenario that, while not essential to the plot, offers a subtle commentary on technology and society. However, this choice has been met with mixed reactions, as some argue that it could have been omitted to focus resources on other aspects of the film.

The film’s sound design deserves a mention, as it plays a crucial role in building tension and atmosphere. However, there are moments where the dialogue becomes muffled, which can be a point of frustration for the audience. This minor flaw is one of the few technical shortcomings that remind viewers of the film’s indie status.

In the Nutshell

“Residue” (2017) is a film that manages to punch above its weight, delivering a gripping tale that is both familiar and innovative. It’s a testament to the potential of independent filmmaking, where passion and creativity can overcome budgetary constraints. For those willing to embrace its rough edges, “Residue” offers a dark and thrilling ride through the shadows of the supernatural noir. I give 4 out of 5 stars. 

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