The Harvest (2015) Horror Movie Review


“The Harvest,” directed by John McNaughton, marks a return to the big screen for the filmmaker after a significant hiatus, and it does not disappoint. The film weaves a suspenseful narrative that delves into the dark corners of parental love and protection.

The story centers around Maryann (played by Natasha Calis), a young girl who, after the death of her father, moves in with her grandparents and stumbles upon a bedridden boy named Andy (Charlie Tahan) while exploring her new neighborhood. Their budding friendship is threatened by Andy’s overprotective mother, Katherine (Samantha Morton), whose intentions slowly unravel from caring to sinister as the plot thickens.

McNaughton’s direction ensures that “The Harvest” is not your typical horror flick; it’s a slow-burning thriller that focuses on psychological tension rather than gore. The performances are noteworthy, particularly Samantha Morton’s portrayal of Katherine, which is both nuanced and chilling. Michael Shannon, as Andy’s father Richard, complements the cast with a strong presence, embodying a man torn between his wife’s will and his son’s well-being.

The film’s atmosphere is one of its strongest points, with a sense of unease that lingers long after the credits roll. It’s a testament to McNaughton’s skill in crafting a narrative that is as compelling as it is creepy. The cinematography and score work in tandem to heighten the suspense, making “The Harvest” a movie that effectively gets under your skin.

Critics have praised “The Harvest” for its well-acted, slow-burning tension, although some have noted that those expecting traditional horror may find it lacking in visceral scares. The consensus seems to be that the film sows enough suspense to satisfy viewers, with Morton’s performance standing out as a highlight.

In the Nutshell

“The Harvest” is a gripping psychological thriller that showcases McNaughton’s return to form. It’s a film that may not cater to the expectations of hardcore horror fans but will undoubtedly appeal to those who appreciate a well-crafted story with strong character development and suspenseful storytelling. For those looking for a movie that offers more than just jump scares, “The Harvest” is a harvest worth reaping. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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