Rupture (2016) Movie Review


“Rupture,” a 2016 sci-fi thriller directed by Steven Shainberg, promises an intriguing blend of mystery and psychological horror. The film stars Noomi Rapace as Renee, a single mother who finds herself in the clutches of a mysterious organization after being abducted. The premise sets the stage for a claustrophobic journey into the unknown, with Renee’s genetic abnormality at the center of her captors’ interest.

The movie’s setup is ripe with potential, offering a narrative that could explore the depths of human psychology and the horrors of losing one’s autonomy. However, “Rupture” struggles to deliver on its initial promise. Critics have pointed out that the film falls into the trap of being derivative and clumsily assembled, failing to capitalize on the fear of arachnophobia it attempts to evoke. The consensus seems to be that the film, despite its aspirations, ends up feeling dull and uninspired.

Rapace’s performance is a highlight, bringing intensity and commitment to her role. Yet, the script does not provide enough for her to work with, leaving the audience with a character that is less fleshed out than desired. The supporting cast, including Peter Stormare and Michael Chiklis, deliver competent performances, but they too suffer from a lack of character development.

Visually, “Rupture” attempts to unsettle with its use of color and production design, aiming for a sense of disorientation and unease. However, critics have noted that the film’s aesthetics do not compensate for its narrative shortcomings, with some describing the production design as a mix of cliché and dink.

The film’s climax, involving CGI that has been described as less than impressive, culminates in a resolution that leaves viewers unsatisfied. The psychological horror that “Rupture” aims for never fully materializes, leaving a gap between the viewer’s expectations and the film’s execution.

In the Nutshell

“Rupture” is a film that had the potential to be a compelling entry in the sci-fi thriller genre but ultimately fails to deliver a memorable experience. The movie’s inability to fully develop its characters and its reliance on genre tropes over genuine suspense result in a viewing experience that is, regrettably, forgettable. For those seeking a film that explores similar themes with more success, there are other options available that may satisfy the itch that “Rupture” could not quite reach. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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