The Inhabitant (2022) Horror Movie Review


“The Inhabitant,” released in 2022, is a film that delves into the chilling legacy of Lizzie Borden, a figure shrouded in infamy and mystery. Directed by Jerren Lauder and penned by Kevin Bachar, the movie weaves a narrative that is both a horror and a psychological thriller, exploring the depths of a tormented teenager’s mind as she grapples with a lineage that is as dark as it is cursed.

The film stars Odessa A’zion as Tara, a descendant of the notorious Lizzie Borden. Tara’s struggle with her family’s history is compounded by supernatural events that blur the lines between reality and paranoia. The supporting cast includes Leslie Bibb as Emily, Dermot Mulroney as Ben, and Lizze Broadway as Suzy, each delivering performances that add layers to the unfolding drama.

The cinematography of “The Inhabitant” is commendable, with its use of shadow and light playing a pivotal role in setting the tone of the movie. The director’s choice to employ quick cuts is a double-edged sword; while it effectively conveys the protagonist’s fragmented psyche, it sometimes detracts from the practical effects that are otherwise well-executed.

Critics have had mixed reactions to the film. Some praise its engrossing nature and the complex family dynamics at play, while others find fault with the pacing and the final act’s execution. The movie has been described as a “silly horror thriller” that doesn’t always hit the mark but is appreciated for its attempt to delve into complex themes.

Despite its shortcomings, “The Inhabitant” manages to stand out with its unique blend of genres. It is not just a horror film; it is a story about the weight of one’s heritage and the struggle to define oneself outside of it. The movie challenges viewers to consider how the past can haunt the present and how the fight for sanity can be the most terrifying battle of all.

In the Nutshell

“The Inhabitant” is a film that may not satisfy all horror aficionados, but it certainly provides a thought-provoking experience. It is a testament to the genre’s potential to explore more than just scares, delving into the human psyche and the ghosts of history that linger long after the credits roll. Whether you’re a fan of slow-burn horror or psychological thrillers, “The Inhabitant” is worth a watch for those who appreciate a movie that dares to be different. [2 out of 5].

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