The Overnight (2022) Horror Movie Review


“The Overnight” is a movie that tries too hard to be “The Shining” but ends up feeling more like a poor sequel to “Amityville.” Directed by Patrick Brice, this horror-comedy explores the consequences of politeness turning into manipulation, reluctance, acceptance, and the breaking of personal boundaries. While there’s no physical violence, the film effectively makes the audience squirm.

The story revolves around a young couple who embark on a weekend getaway. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when they stay the night at a creepy hotel that turns out to be haunted—or perhaps infested with ghosts, demons, or something equally unsettling. The female half of the couple isn’t particularly likable, which adds an interesting layer of tension to the narrative.

Unfortunately, “The Overnight” suffers from a fatal flaw: neither the screenplay nor the directors bother to establish the foundational mechanics of what’s happening. As a result, the film lacks the necessary depth and coherence to fully engage the audience. While it attempts to channel classic horror vibes, it falls short of creating a truly memorable experience.


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