Victor Crowley (2017) Horror Movie Review


“Victor Crowley” (2017) marks the fourth installment in the “Hatchet” series, a franchise that has garnered a cult following for its dedication to the slasher genre. Directed and written by Adam Green, the film resurrects the titular character, Victor Crowley, a disfigured murderer who haunts the swamps of New Orleans.

The movie opens a decade after the events of the original “Hatchet,” with the sole survivor, Andrew Yong (played by Parry Shen), reluctantly returning to the scene of his trauma. The plot thickens as a series of unfortunate events leads to the accidental resurrection of Crowley, setting off a chain of gruesome and gory killings that the series is known for.

The film stays true to its roots with practical effects and over-the-top gore that will satisfy fans of traditional slasher flicks. Kane Hodder reprises his role as Crowley, bringing a physicality and menace to the character that is both terrifying and captivating. The supporting cast, including Laura Ortiz and Dave Sheridan, deliver performances that strike a balance between horror and humor, a staple of the “Hatchet” series.

Critics have noted that “Victor Crowley” does not stray far from the formula established by its predecessors, which can be both a strength and a weakness. The film’s self-awareness and commitment to the genre are commendable; it does not pretend to be anything other than a slasher film aimed at delivering thrills and chills. However, some reviews suggest that the franchise may be showing signs of fatigue, with the novelty of the high gore quotient wearing thin for some viewers.

Despite this, “Victor Crowley” has been praised for its ability to entertain and engage its audience. The film’s humor, often dark and satirical, provides a counterbalance to the intense violence and creates a unique viewing experience. The movie has been described as a love letter to the genre, crafted by a director who understands and appreciates the nuances of horror.

In the Nutshell

“Victor Crowley” is a film that knows its audience and delivers exactly what it promises: a bloody, fun ride through the swamp with a classic horror villain. While it may not convert new fans to the franchise, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the slasher genre and the creative vision of Adam Green. For fans of the series and gore aficionados, “Victor Crowley” is a must-watch that pays homage to the slashers of yesteryear while carving out its own legacy in horror history.  I give 3 out of 5 stars.

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