Wolf Creek (2005) and Wolf Creek 2 (2013) Review


Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 are well done slasher/torture-porn from Australia.

The Story

Wolf Creek is based on true event. Three backpackers travel into the Australian Outback only to find themselves stranded at Wolf Creek crater.  Once there, they are terrorized by a bushman, Mick Taylor.

Wolf Creek 2 is sequel of Wolf Creek.  In Wolf Creek 2, we find out more about Mick Taylor as he terrorize more traveling backpackers.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek is loosely based on true event that happened in Australia on July 14, 2001 to two British tourists, Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees. 

Wolf Creek is low budget film but very effective.  Wolf Creek is shot in documentary style which add realistic feel to the movie.  The story is believably written with an intriguing feeling of dread from the start.  The atmosphere is haunting and non-stop suspense throughout the movie with extreme violence and gore.  In short, Wolf Creek is terrifying because this can happen in real life.

The casts make some truly believable characters.  John Jarratt who plays the Mick Taylor makes for a terrific madman. Cassandra Magrath is fetching and strong in her role, while Kestie Morassi plays a sympathetic victim well. Nathan Phillips is perhaps the best though in his role.

One complaint about the movie is that there are few scenes where the victims acted stupidly.  It is frustrating to see when the victim has an opportunity to finish off the villain, but they decided to just run.  Also Mick Taylor just appears out of nowhere at the right time and right places to terrorize the victim numerous times which seems very unrealistic.

Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2 is Wolf Creek with steroids.  Mick Taylor is back and he kills more people.  It is obvious that Wolf Creek 2 has bigger budget.  It is shot as Hollywood style thriller with big car chases, and much more extreme graphic gores and violence.

There isn’t much story behind Wolf Creek 2.  Wolf Creek focus more on the single true event that happened, whereas in Wolf Creek 2 focus on Mick Taylor himself.  We get to see more of him.  We get to see where he lives.  We get to see how violence and brutal he is.

Just like Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek 2 has its moments where the victim acted stupidly which makes you pull your hair and scream at the screen.  And it appears that Mick Taylor turned into Superman.  He seems to be appearing out of nowhere in right time to terrorize the victims and he doesn’t seem to die.

In the Nutshell

Wolf Creek 1 & 2 are not perfect movie, but If you are a slasher/torture-porn fan, Wolf Creek series is a must see.  I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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Genre: Slasher / Torture-Porn

Rotten Tomatoes Review of Wolf Creek: 52% | 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Review of Wolf Creek 2: 48% | 39%

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