Wolf Creek (2005) and Wolf Creek 2 (2013) Review


The Story

Wolf Creek is inspired by a true event. It follows three backpackers venturing into the Australian Outback, only to become stranded at the Wolf Creek crater. There, they encounter a bushman named Mick Taylor who terrorizes them.

Wolf Creek 2, the sequel to Wolf Creek, delves deeper into the character of Mick Taylor as he continues to terrorize traveling backpackers.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek draws loose inspiration from a true event that occurred in Australia on July 14, 2001, involving British tourists Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees. Despite its low budget, Wolf Creek is highly effective, employing a documentary style that lends a realistic touch to the film. The narrative is convincingly crafted, instilling a sense of dread from the outset. The film maintains a haunting atmosphere with relentless suspense, punctuated by extreme violence and gore, making it all the more terrifying because such events could occur in reality.

The cast delivers performances that create truly believable characters. John Jarratt, portraying Mick Taylor, excels as a formidable madman. Cassandra Magrath brings strength and appeal to her role, while Kestie Morassi convincingly portrays a sympathetic victim. Nathan Phillips stands out with perhaps the most compelling performance.

However, the film is not without criticism. Some scenes depict the victims making illogical decisions, which can be frustrating for viewers, especially when they miss opportunities to defeat the villain and choose to flee instead. Additionally, Mick Taylor’s uncanny ability to appear at just the right moments to terrorize the victims multiple times stretches the bounds of realism.

Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2 is like Wolf Creek on steroids. Mick Taylor returns, claiming more victims. It’s clear that Wolf Creek 2 had a larger budget, evident in its Hollywood-style thriller cinematography, complete with intense car chases and significantly more graphic gore and violence.

The narrative of Wolf Creek 2 isn’t as robust. While the original Wolf Creek was more focused on a singular true event, Wolf Creek 2 centers on Mick Taylor himself. We delve deeper into his character, exploring his residence and witnessing the extent of his violence and brutality.

Similar to its predecessor, Wolf Creek 2 includes scenes where the victims’ illogical actions can be frustrating to the audience. Moreover, Mick Taylor almost seems invincible, materializing out of thin air at the perfect moments to terrorize his victims, and seemingly indestructible.

In the Nutshell

Wolf Creek 1 & 2 may not be flawless films, but for fans of the slasher/torture-porn genre, the Wolf Creek series is essential viewing. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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Genre: Slasher / Torture-Porn

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