13 Best Gift Ideas for Die-Hard The Walking Dead Fans

Do you have friends who are die-hard Walking Dead Fans?  I have some great gift ideas for friends or family who are live and breath the very popular TV show called The Walking Dead.  AMC’s The Walking Dead premiered on October, 2010.  Since that time, the popularity of the show continue to grow every year.

The Walking Dead isn’t all about zombies.  I do admit that Zombies are big part of the show, but what makes the show so successful is the human dramas and relationship between all the characters.  Over the years, viewers have closely relate with many of interesting characters and that is the reason why the show is growing its audience every year. The growing popularity means there are great gift ideas for the fans of the show. Here are top gift idea for the die-hard Walking Dead fans.

1. The Walking Dead Comic Book Volumes 1-5 Set

Before The Walking Dead TV show, there was the comic books.  The TV show is based on the comic book series with the same name.  The creators of the comic book is also involved with the show, so it is pretty closely related to the comic book.  In fact beginning of the show is almost same as the comic book. The Die-hard Walking Dead fan knows this fact.  This is why The Walking Dead comic book volumes set makes a great gift for The walking Dead fans.

2. Peavy Walking Dead Electric Guitar

If you know a musician who are Walking Dead fan, this is a perfect gift for him or her.  This is Peavy Predator Plus EXP Stoptail guitar with custom The Walking Dead graphics.  This isn’t a cheap toy guitar.  This is by Peavy which is one of the big US based company who makes guitars and amps.   So it comes with Peavy quality and reliability.  It comes with 2 humbucking pickups on neck and bridge position with three-way switch.  Guitar is made with solid basswood.  It doesn’t have a bridge, instead it has string-through-body design for maximum sustain.  It has two knobs; one is master volume and other is tone controls with push/pull tone for single coil operation.   Most importantly, it has beautiful custom graphics of The Walking Dead comic book art.

3. Walking Dead MC-WD001P Officially Licensed Samurai Sword

If you watch The Walking Dead, Michonne is one of the popular character.  She is well skilled in Katana sword and use it to kill many zombies.  Historically, Katana were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords that were used by the samurai of feudal Japan. This officially license replica sword makes great gift for the die-hard Walking Dead fans. The blade of the sword is made with 1045 high carbon steel.   The handle is wrapped in white leatherette and authentic black ray skin.   It is 40-1/2-inch overall length, 26-3/4-inch blade (6.75 mm thick), and 12-1/4-inch handle. This is not a toy.  It is well functioning sword and it makes great collectible.

4. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit comes with
Everything you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a reusable tin box.  It comes with 24 different items inside!  It is a perfect gift for survivalists to include in their Bug Out Bag.   Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit includes Tactical Knife, Multitool, Skull Face mask, Hunting permit, Zombie warning stickers, and much more!  It is also great for hiking, camping, or any other time when Zombies can strike!

5. The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Stand-up Poster

For many fans, Daryl Dixon, who is played by Norman Reedus is their favorite character because he is tough, royal, and good at killing zombies.  This is why Life-size Stand-up Poster of Daryl Dixon, makes great gift for The Walking Dead fans. It is almost like having Daryl Dixon in the same room.

6. The Walking Dead Toy Figures Collector Set by Funko POP

FunKo, is a company that manufactures licensed pop culture toys, and they are known for producing over 1000 different licensed vinyl figures.  And of course, they have a big lineup of the Walking Dead figures.  The popularity of the Funko figure continues.  That is why this makes a great gift for The Walking Dead fans.  This collection set comes with 6 The Walking Dead character figures shown in the picture above.

7. The Walking Dead Monopoly – Survival Edition

Everyone loves to play Monopoly board game.  This is why The Walking Dead Monopoly makes a great gift for all the die-hard Walking Dead fans. This is The Walking Dead Monopoly Survival Edition Board with Free Set of Wiz Dice.

In the Walking Dead Monopoly game, traditional commerce and frivolous living are a thing of the past.  Survival is the game .  In this game, you need to buy, sell, trade and back-stab to survive in a world of zombie apocalypses. The game comes with a game board, rules, six collectible tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 scavenger cards, 16 supply chest cards, supply bills, 32 houses renamed walls and 12 hotels renamed guard quarters. The collectible tokens within this game include a bucket of body parts, a Michonne’s Katana sword, Rick’s hat, a telephone, an RV and a Lucille.  (Lucille is a baseball bat coated in barb wire that Negan uses as his primary weapon.)

8. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon’s Angel Wings Leather Vest

Many Walking Dead fans believe that Darly Dixon is most popular character in the show, who is played by Norman Reedus.

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon's Angel Wings Leather Vest-02

In the earlier season, he often wore this leather wing vest in the show.  This is why this Angel Wings Leather Vest makes great gift for The Walking Dead fans.  This is a vest jacket made with real genuine leather.  Believe me. It makes a great conversation starter in the parties.

9. Walking Dead Season 1-7 Bundle

What makes a great gift than the first sixth seasons of The Walking Dead. Time of writing, the series is in eighth season, so lot has changed since first three season. Many characters died and many new character introduced.  This is why it makes a great gift for Walking Dead fans.  They can to go back and watch it all from the beginning how it all get started.

10. The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Autographed Full Size Crossbow

Many The Walking Dead fans believes that Daryl Dixon is most popular character in the show, who is played by Norman Reedus. Because he is tough, royal, and knows how to kill the zombies.   From the beginning of the season, he’s weapon of choice is crossbow. This is why Norman Reedus’ Autographed Full Size Crossbow makes great gift for die-hard Walking Dead fans.  This is extremely rare gift, so they will cherish it for very long time.

This is full size camouflaged Horton Bone Collectors crossbow.  It is hand signed by Norman Reedus.  This is full functioning real crossbow and it’s not a movie prop or a toy. Also the product includes picture of Norman Reedus signing the crossbow.

11. Negan’s Bat: Lucille

Leader of the group known as The Saviors, Negan is one of the most merciless enemies to ever cross paths with Rick Grimes and the other survivors. With no remorse, Negan executes those who get in his way with his weapon of choice, Lucille. With the barrel end wrapped in barbed wire, Lucille is the iconic baseball bat that Negan wields to not only intimidate others, but eliminate them as well.  Lucille is an adult role playing replica crafted with exact specifications as seen on the hit television series ‘The Walking Dead’.

 12. Solar Powered Garden Zombie Light Lamp

The solar lamp is powered by a single rechargeable AA battery that is charged by a solar panel circling the LED. The lamp features a simple on/off switch and a light sensor that will automatically turn the light on when the sun goes down and off when the sun comes up. The grim garden accent is made from durable cold cast resin that won`t rust or deteriorate in the weather. It measures 18 1/2 inches long, 13 inches tall, and 10 1/2 inches wide. This sinister piece is a unique horror accent for your lawn, garden, or patio that will shed some light to ward off any of this zombie`s unwelcome undead friends.

13. The Walking Dead’s Negan Table Lamp

Everyone needs a lamp for home.  Why not get an officially licensed The Walking Dead’s Negan and Lucille lamp. This lamp is 23.5″ tall.  Light bulb not included.

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