Alien Raiders Review (2008) and Spoiler Ending


Alien Raiders don’t have much story but it is packed with action and suspense.

The Story

The movie is about a group of militants who invade a super market at a small town in Arizona.  They hold the employees in hostage.  Although it first appears to be robbers or terrorist attack, they are there for completely different reason. They are looking for something.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

Alien Raiders is alien horror film.  The movie doesn’t waste any time. The suspense and the action start right away.  The movie starts off with hostel take over by the militant group.  I appears that they are looking for something. As the movie progress, we find out who these group of militants are and what they are looking for.

The movie does look little bit like The Thing.  The alien has ability to take over the human body.  So only way to find out if you are infected or not is to do a test, just like the movie, The Thing.  The aliens are able take over human body, mutate it, and turn into a monster, just like The Thing. But unlike The Thing, the monsters aren’t so creative.  But that is okay, because the special effects are pretty decent and they are still effective.

The movie doesn’t reveal too much about the aliens but it reveals enough to get us engaged.

The acting is very good.  We do see some famous faces such as Carlos BernardMathew St. Patrick, and Courtney Ford.

The movie does have surprise ending, but I saw it coming mile away.  But I give A for effort.

Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Alert)

We find out later in the movie that the group of militants are scientists with a mission.  They are committed to find all the aliens and killing them.  We find out that they are looking for the king alien which is more power than the rest of the aliens.

The alien requires human body to function.  In order to find the aliens, they have special gifted person who call themselves Spotter.  They have special ability to see who is infected.  But the spotter in the group dies, so they are forced to find the infected by cutting off a finger of each hostage. You see, the infected has ability to regenerate the finger right away. That is how they know if they are infected.

They have targeted the super market in the small town in Arizona because they have Intel that the king alien is located inside the super market.

At the end, there is big final battle with the king alien. They were able to kill the king alien but many have died including the leader of the group played by Carlos Bernard.

The surprise twist of the movie is that the alien they thought was the king alien wasn’t the king alien.  The king alien has infected police chief’s daughter and she is able to go free.

In the Nutshell

If you are looking for action packed alien horror movie that doesn’t requires too much thinking, check out Alien RaidersI give 4 out of 5 stars.

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Genre:  Alien Horror

Rotten Tomato Rating: 100% / 34%

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