Ghost House (2017) Horror Movie Review


“Ghost House,” a film directed by Rich Ragsdale, takes viewers on a harrowing journey through the Thai countryside, where a young American couple encounters more than they bargained for. The movie, which blends horror and mystery, attempts to navigate the complexities of cultural traditions and supernatural lore.

The narrative follows Jim and Julie, played by James Landry Hébert and Scout Taylor-Compton, as their adventure turns into a fight for survival against an evil spirit. The setting of Thailand provides a rich backdrop, full of potential for a unique horror experience. However, the film has received mixed reviews, with a 22% Tomatometer rating based on 9 reviews and a 23% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics have pointed out that while “Ghost House” does not innovate within the genre, it does offer visual surprises that may satisfy fans of supernatural scares. Top critics have described the film as a mix of horror cliches and a portrayal of cultural misunderstanding. Some have appreciated the visual aspects of the movie, while others have criticized it for its predictability and lack of originality.

One of the main criticisms is the film’s reliance on well-worn horror tropes, which may leave seasoned viewers wanting more. The performances, particularly by the lead actors, have been noted as solid, but the script does not provide them with enough material to elevate the film beyond its genre constraints.

Despite the critiques, “Ghost House” has been acknowledged for its atmospheric tension and the director’s ability to create a few genuinely scary moments. For those who enjoy a straightforward horror flick with a few jumps and thrills, “Ghost House” might be a suitable choice for a night in.

In the Nutshell

“Ghost House” is a film that may divide audiences. It’s a reminder that horror can be a subjective experience, and what may work for some may not resonate with others. The movie’s exploration of Thai spiritual beliefs and the supernatural could have been a fresh take on the genre, but it seems to fall short in execution. Nonetheless, for those interested in a blend of travel and terror, “Ghost House” offers a glimpse into the darker side of wanderlust. I give 3 out of 5 stars.

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