Awake (2021) Horror Movie Ending Explained


The Story

Awake about mysterious global phenomenon plague that causes every human to have extreme insomnia.   The story is about a former US Army medic, Jill, who is trying to protect her family and survive through the apocalypse. With humankind unable to sleep and think clearly, every humans are turning increasingly irrational and violent.  Now, as scientists all over the world seem to fight a losing battle and it appears to be end of humankind.  However, Jill’s ten-year-old daughter is able to sleep.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert)

The ending of the movie Awake from 2021 is pretty wild. Basically, the main character Jill (played by Gina Rodriguez) and her kids Noah and Matilda are trying to survive in a world where no one can sleep anymore, except for Matilda. They find out that there was a solar flare that messed up everyone’s brains and electronics, and that the only way to reset them is to die and come back to life. Matilda figured this out because she drowned in a car accident at the beginning of the movie, but was revived by a cop. She also revived Noah by using a defibrillator on him. At the end of the movie, they decide to do the same thing to Jill, who is dying from lack of sleep. They drown her in a pool and then bring her back with CPR. The movie ends with them hugging and falling asleep together, while the rest of the world is still awake and crazy.

It is interesting to see that the movie has religious reference throughout the movie.  In order to survive from the pandemic, you must die and born again.  This what the Christian religion believes.  In order to survive from the God’s judgement, you must born again.  Also towards end, it is interesting to see how they killed Jill.  They are many ways to kill Jill and bring and revive her.  But they used water to drown her which also symbolism of baptism.  

In the Nutshell

Awake is not completely original, but it is good enough to enjoy. [4 out of 5 stars]

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