Elevator Game (2023) Horror Movie Review


The Story

“Elevator Game,” the 2023 horror film based on the popular internet creepypasta, takes viewers on a chilling journey through a claustrophobic metal box and into the realm of urban legend. The film follows Ryan, a socially awkward teenager yearning for acceptance, who stumbles upon a group of online paranormal investigators. They introduce him to the Elevator Game, a ritualistic dare involving summoning a malevolent entity by pressing specific buttons in an elevator. Intrigued by the prospect of online fame and belonging, Ryan joins the group and performs the ritual, unaware of the terrifying consequences that await.

Promising Premise, Uneven Execution

The film’s initial act is its strongest. Director Rebekah McKendry effectively captures the awkwardness of teenage social dynamics and the allure of the internet’s darker corners. The urban legend premise has inherent creepiness, and the confined setting of the elevator amplifies the tension. As Ryan and his friends engage in the ritual, McKendry employs unsettling visuals and sound design to build suspense. The flickering lights, distorted music, and eerie whispers create a palpable sense of unease.

However, the film struggles to maintain this momentum in the second half. The scares become predictable, relying on jump scares and tired horror tropes. The characters, unfortunately, remain underdeveloped, making it difficult to invest in their fates. The motivations behind the entity and the rules of the game are left frustratingly ambiguous, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

Performances and Technical Aspects

The young cast delivers decent performances, especially Jacob Elordi as the introverted Ryan. However, their characters lack depth and complexity, hindering emotional engagement. The film’s technical aspects are commendable, with sharp cinematography and eerie sound design effectively building atmosphere.

Verdict: A Mixed Bag for Horror Fans

“Elevator Game” is a mixed bag. While the initial premise and setting hold promise, the film falters in its execution. Predictable scares, underdeveloped characters, and an ambiguous mythology leave viewers wanting more. For horror fans seeking a truly chilling experience, this film might not reach the top floor. However, for those intrigued by the urban legend and enjoy a good teen horror yarn, “Elevator Game” might offer a passable elevator ride to the land of chills.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

In conclusion, “Elevator Game” is a watchable but ultimately forgettable horror film. The promising premise is bogged down by predictable scares, underdeveloped characters, and an ambiguous mythology. While it might entertain fans of the genre, it won’t leave a lasting impression.


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