Bad Ben Review (2016)


Bad Ben is found-footage horror made by one man, Nigel Bach with budget of $300.

The Story

Tom Riley thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime when he bought a house below market value at a Sheriff’s sale. He invested every penny he had with the plan of flipping the home for a profit. Once he owned it, however, he noticed strange happenings, all of which were captured on 21 Surveillance Cameras located throughout the home inside and out.  Because he put all the money into the house, he decided to fight this malevolent force in the house.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

I give big props to Nigel Bach for making this film using just his smartphone and security cameras around the house.  The movie is pretty entertaining considering it only took $300 for him to make it.  It has many creepy moments and few good jump scares.  It also has pretty interesting backstory behind the paranormal entity that is haunting him.  But in terms of originality, it isn’t so original.  It is typical paranormal found footage film that we’ve all seen it before.

Overall, it is entertaining movie, but there are few scenes where the special effects are very obvious. You noticed the bad special effects rights away, and it is distracting from the story.

In term of the acting, Nigel Bach plays Tom Riley who is fat bald man who talks very slowly.  He is not much to look at, but you get used to him real quick.  At the end of the movie, you find yourself rooting for him.

I don’t think the movie is not supposed to be parody, but I found myself laughing out loud on few scenes.  Unfortunately, some of these ridiculous scenes just takes away from the horror element of the movie.

Bad Ben is first of trilogy series.  There is Badder Ben: The Final Chapter, and Steelmanville Road is prequel to Bad Ben.  Unfortunately, these movies are not worth watching.

In the Nutshell

Bad Ben is free if you have Amazon Prime subscription.  If you have Amazon Prime, you might want to check it out. But don’t expect too much. You can also find Behind the Scene video of Bad Ben.  It is fun to watch it afterwards.  [3 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Paranormal Found-footage

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One comment

  1. I’m a fan of all four of these movies (bad Ben the Mandela effect having the best jump scare in my opinion of any of them).

    Steelmanville Road is worth watching only for the old medium lady. She’s so terrible it’s absolutely amazing.

    I liked Badder Ben, I enjoyed Nigel’s character returning and his confrontational method of dealing with these issues.

    The whole series is just so bad it’s great.


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