Be Afraid (2017) Horror Movie Review


“Be Afraid” is a 2017 sci-fi mystery thriller that delves into the chilling realm of sleep paralysis and the supernatural entities that lurk in the shadows. Directed by Drew Gabreski, the film attempts to weave a tale of terror as it follows the life of John Chambers, played by Brian Krause, who experiences nightmarish visions and fears for the safety of his son.

The movie sets out to explore the psychological horror of being trapped within one’s own nightmares, a concept that resonates with anyone who has experienced the unsettling phenomenon of sleep paralysis. However, the execution of this intriguing premise falls short, leaving much to be desired in terms of originality and depth.

Critics have pointed out that “Be Afraid” struggles with its identity, often feeling like a TV movie rather than a cinematic experience. The narrative is criticized for being dull and repetitive, failing to deliver the scares and thrills one would expect from a film in the horror genre. The consensus among reviewers is that the film does not manage to mobilize or entertain, with some describing it as a “slog that does absolutely nothing original or interesting.”

Despite the film’s shortcomings, there are elements that stand out. The performances, particularly by Krause, are solid, and the technical aspects of the film, such as sound work and editing, have been praised for creating moments of tension. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between, and the creatures at the heart of the story, when fully revealed, are likened to “rubbery Doctor Who monsters,” diminishing the intended sense of dread.

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In the Nutshell

“Be Afraid” had the potential to be a compelling addition to the sci-fi and horror genres, but it ultimately fails to capitalize on its promising hook. The film’s inability to provide genuine scares and a gripping storyline leaves it overshadowed by similar genre fare. For those seeking a horror movie that offers a fresh take on the supernatural, “Be Afraid” may not be the first choice. However, for fans of the actors or those curious about the portrayal of sleep paralysis in cinema, it might still be worth a watch. I give 2 out of 5 stars.

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