Don’t Look Away (2023) Horror Movie Review


“Don’t Look Away,” the 2023 horror film by Michael Bafaro, takes a unique spin on the classic “don’t blink” trope. Frankie, a young woman, accidentally encounters a menacing mannequin that stalks and kills anyone who sees it. While the premise holds promise, the execution leaves viewers with mixed chills.

A Gimmick with Potential:

The film’s core concept is undeniably intriguing. The idea of a killer mannequin that preys on sight is both creepy and original. The initial encounter and the fear of being watched are genuinely unsettling. However, the novelty wears off as the film progresses, and the “don’t look” rule becomes more of a gimmick than a source of sustained tension.

Eye-Catching, But Not Eye-Opening:

The cinematography is effective in creating a sense of unease, utilizing dark shadows and tight spaces to amplify the threat. The special effects for the mannequin, however, fall short of being truly terrifying. Its stiff movements and limited expressions make it more comical than chilling at times.

Staring at the Same Stale Story:

The narrative, unfortunately, lacks depth and originality. The characters are predictable archetypes, and their actions and reactions feel formulaic. The mystery surrounding the mannequin’s origins and motivations remains largely unexplored, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

A Blink-and-Miss-It Scare:

The film relies heavily on jump scares, which are predictable and often ineffective. The lack of genuine suspense and psychological horror leaves the overall experience feeling more like a B-movie than a chilling masterpiece.

The Verdict: More of a Glance than a Stare:

“Don’t Look Away” boasts a promising premise with its killer mannequin concept, but the execution falters. The predictable story, underdeveloped characters, and lack of genuine scares leave the film feeling more like a missed opportunity. While it might offer a few jolts for horror fans with low expectations, it’s unlikely to stay with you long after the credits roll.


If you’re looking for a truly terrifying and thought-provoking horror experience, you might want to avert your gaze from “Don’t Look Away.” However, if you’re curious about a unique take on the “don’t blink” trope and enjoy B-movie thrills, it might be worth a quick peek. Just don’t expect to be haunted by it.


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