Sister Death (2023) Horror Movie Review


A Descent into Darkness:

Sister Death, the 2023 prequel to the chilling Veronica, plunges viewers into the atmospheric shadows of a post-war Spanish convent. Narcisa, a young novice with unsettling visions, arrives to teach, unaware of the sinister secrets held within its walls. The film promises a blend of religious horror and ghost story, but does it deliver the chills and thrills it hints at?

Haunting Atmosphere, Uneven Execution:

Director Paco Plaza masterfully crafts a visually stunning and unsettling atmosphere. The dilapidated convent and its dimly lit corridors ooze with dread, and the use of black and white sequences adds a touch of classic ghost story charm. However, the execution of the narrative stumbles at times. The pacing can feel slow, dragging down the suspense, and the scares rely heavily on familiar jump scares and predictable tropes.

Intriguing Premise, Underdeveloped Characters:

While the exploration of Narcisa’s visions and the convent’s dark history holds promise, the film fails to delve deeply into either. The characters, including Narcisa herself, remain somewhat underdeveloped, hindering emotional connection and leaving their motivations and actions feeling opaque. This makes it difficult to fully invest in their struggles and the unfolding mystery.

Shades of Grey in the Black and White:

Sister Death isn’t without its merits. The performances, particularly Aria Bedmar as Narcisa, are solid, and the film avoids relying solely on cheap thrills. The exploration of religious themes, particularly the weight of faith and the influence of the church, adds a layer of complexity that goes beyond a simple ghost story.

The Verdict: A Flickering Flame, Not a Bonfire:

Sister Death offers a hauntingly atmospheric experience with intriguing themes and a promising premise. However, uneven pacing, underdeveloped characters, and predictable scares prevent it from reaching its full potential. Fans of slow-burning religious horror might find its deliberate pace and subtle chills appealing, but others might be left wanting a more gripping and emotionally resonant experience.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars:

If you’re seeking a visually stunning and atmospheric horror film with a touch of religious intrigue, Sister Death might be worth a watch.


Genre: Supernatural Horror

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