Hereditary (2018) Horror Movie Review


“Hereditary,” directed by Ari Aster, is a film that delves deep into the harrowing experiences of the Graham family following the death of their enigmatic matriarch. The movie is a masterful blend of psychological horror and supernatural elements that creates an atmosphere of intense dread and suspense.

The film stars Toni Collette as Annie Graham, an artist who channels her grief into her work, creating intricate dioramas that reflect her life and emotions. Collette delivers a powerhouse performance, capturing the essence of a woman on the brink of despair as she uncovers the dark secrets of her lineage. Alex Wolff portrays Peter, Annie’s son, whose portrayal of a teenager grappling with guilt and fear is both authentic and heartbreaking. Milly Shapiro gives a haunting performance as Charlie, the daughter whose peculiar demeanor and actions set a chilling tone from the outset.

Ari Aster’s direction is meticulous, crafting a narrative that is as much about the horrors of a family’s legacy as it is about the supernatural. The film’s pacing is deliberate, allowing the tension to build gradually, and the cinematography is stunning, with each shot meticulously framed to enhance the unsettling mood.

The horror of “Hereditary” lies not just in its supernatural occurrences but in the exploration of grief, mental illness, and the inescapable nature of heritage. It’s a film that stays with you long after the credits roll, not only for its terrifying scenes but also for its commentary on the human condition.

The final act of “Hereditary” is particularly noteworthy, as it takes the audience on a frenetic and surreal journey that is both shocking and thought-provoking. The movie challenges viewers to consider the impact of family and fate, and the lengths one will go to escape them.

In the Nutshell

“Hereditary” is a standout film in the horror genre, offering a fresh and disturbing take on family dynamics and the demons that haunt them. It’s a movie that is sure to become a classic, revered for its ability to evoke fear through its exploration of human psychology and the supernatural. For those who appreciate horror that is both intelligent and visceral, “Hereditary” is a must-watch. [ I giveĀ 5 out of 5 stars.]

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Genre: Demonic / Occult

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  1. So well done! The acting was phenomenal and the story creep me out. The last time i was creeped out like this was the Blair Witch Project. Creepy story and when you see some scenes again, you catch more scary things!

  2. I watched the movie last year and I don’t know, it didn’t freak me out like everyone say, but, of course, there were moments that scared me. I ain’t going to deny the fact that it is so well made and is a good movie, but for me it was the typical subject of cults, nothing especial.

  3. Ehh….it was OK. Scary? Not really. Creepy, at best, and I was severely put off by Toni Collette’s hammy overacting. Combine that with some seriously unlikely events, things that no one in real life would do or say, and I will tell you that I don’t know what everyone thought was so great about this movie. The best I can say about it without giving too much away, is that I was underwhelmed.

  4. So Bill,
    what would you say is a ‘scary’ horror film? unlikely events, absolutely because it’s a story and i don’t recall this movie claiming it was based on real events.


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