Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) Movie Review with Ending Explained


The Review (Spoiler Free)

“Jeepers Creepers 3,” the third installment in the Jeepers Creepers franchise, directed by Victor Salva, was a film that arrived with a lot of expectations from fans of the series. The movie picks up right after the events of the first film, bringing back the character Sgt. Tubbs and introducing a new protagonist, Addie, played by Gabrielle Haugh. The narrative attempts to delve deeper into the Creeper’s mythology and features a paramilitary task force determined to end the creature’s reign of terror.

The film, however, received mixed to negative reviews upon its release. Critics pointed out that the movie failed to deliver the scares and thrills that the previous installments were known for. The storyline was described as meandering and the efforts to expand on the Creeper’s background were seen as half-formed. The special effects did not impress and were often called out for appearing cheap and unconvincing.

One of the major criticisms was the lack of innovation in the horror elements, with the film relying heavily on past tropes without adding anything new or exciting to the franchise. The Creeper’s truck, a significant element of the series, was given supernatural qualities that seemed to detract from the horror aspect, making it feel less grounded and more fantastical.

Despite the anticipation and the cult following of the Jeepers Creepers series, the third film struggled to live up to the expectations. It was seen as an unremarkable entry that offered little to fans or newcomers to the series. The consensus among many reviewers was that the film fell short in delivering a compelling story or effective scares, making it a low point in the franchise.

Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Alert!)

I like how Jeepers Creepers 3 plays with different time line.  Jeepers Creepers 3 happened between first and second.

According to the legend of Jeepers Creepers, it comes out to eat people every 23 years.  When he wakes up to feed on people, it roams the earth for 23 days.  All three Jeepers Creepers movie take place within 23 days period.

The original Jeepers Creepers is about a brother and sister driving home through isolated countryside for spring break where they encounter the Jeepers Creepers monster.  The final scene takes place in a small town police station where the monster came to take Justin Long character.  During the time, there is a big battle between police officers and the monster.  Obviously, the Creeper took Justin Long character and fly away while living behind his mysterious van.

Jeepers Creepers 3 picks up right after end of Jeepers Creepers 1. The movie starts out in the police station where the police officers are trying to investigate the mysterious van that the Creeper left behind.

At the end of Jeepers Creepers 3, we see one of the teenage character Buddy Hook gets into the school bus and heads out to play the basketball game. In Jeepers Creepers 2, a school bus full of high school basketball players, their coaches, and cheerleaders get strangled on a remote part of the road and defend themselves from the Creeper.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really works out because if you watch Jeepers Creepers 2, Buddy Hook character is not in the bus. It is probably because they haven’t thought this through before they shot Jeepers Creepers 3.

Jeepers Creepers 3 sets up nicely for next movie as they bring back Trish character from the original Jeepers Creepers.  Now she is much older and she is angry.  She vow to kill this monster and avenge her brother’s death.

In the Nutshell

For those interested in exploring the Jeepers Creepers saga, the third film might still hold some appeal for its attempt to shed light on the Creeper’s origins. However, for those seeking a horror experience that is fresh and frightening, “Jeepers Creepers 3” might not be the go-to film. It serves as a reminder that even with a strong foundation, a sequel needs to innovate and elevate the material to succeed, something that this installment, unfortunately, did not achieve. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Actually, the bus scene does work because in the dialogue, Buddy says he is going to stay with family a few days. So, he is not on the bus when they return from the game. Doesn’t explain that he probably would have been talking with them on the bus about what he went through in recent days.

    1. Good point you brought up about him staying with family. Buddy, probably didn’t want to bring up the ordeal after everything he just been through. Also, starting a new chapter in his life, Buddy doesn’t want the other kids to think he’s crazy, especially believing the creepers gone.

  2. I believe all of you. Yes you are correct but can someone fill me in on something because I am a bit confused. If they showed them in the beginning looking in his truck and it getting towed away and it shows the smashed window were Derry got taken, they said that his sister was inside waiting on her parents to pick her up. So, if she’s in the police station, how can they say the grandma in this third movie(with the grandaughter with the horse) is the sister? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. Chip, the girl with the grandmother isn’t the sister of Darry. The sister shows up at the end, talking into her computer. The grandmother is the mother, of the dead son, who comes back as a ghost to warn her. At the end of the first one, the psychic lady said you’re mom is out front waiting for you.

      I don’t think they thought the 3rd one through enough honestly. Even saying that he was staying with family after for a few days, they should have still filled in the gap. I love these movies, and I was slightly annoyed when I went back to see if he was on the bus, and wasn’t. No one would have thought he was crazy. It all happened in the day time, and a majority of ppl saw what was going on. Especially the cops. I could see not wanting to talk about it, but they shouldn’t have added the school bus scene at the end of the 3rd one. I’m just excited they’re making a 4th one finally

  3. What doesnt make sense to me is this fact alone the timeline doesnt add up to me if shot after the first movie dannies sister is still young and right after this happened the bus in second movie happened it got speared by farmer and son wich i understand but on the end he was nailed to the barn and the son and dad was waiting with the harpoon spear after it slumbered where was dannis sister in the second movie why wait til the bus accident happened and it went into slumber to act if she was at the end of the third movie wouldnt the creature already be in the barn to be taken care of by the farmer seems like she already got beat to it for her to say it already got speared in the newspaper at the end was she waiting to team up with them did the farmer get killed by the creeper for the creature to kill dani then do all of this then do the bus then fall asleep why explain again what we already know about the creeper we already know what it does and why it does it to regenerate and then sleep they explained it in 1 and 2 movie why explain it again in three and why wait so long for her to get revenge the 23 day period it killed her brother then terrorized buddy and girlfriend then attacked bus then went to sleep i mean was this movie a flash back to when it was still alive before it fell asleep if so when it wakes up it would be at the farmers barn whats the sister going to do .

    1. In the third movie , the sister is still in the present of that time which leads to the time of the second movie but it shows 23 years have went by , 9 times out of 10 it kills the old man when it wakes again, so that’s probably where she comes in trying to kill it

  4. So in the first movie it killed dani then terrorized buddie and girlfriend and then killed bus of kids then slept and farmers pinned it to barn so in the end she waited 23 years to act against it wouldnt the creature be in the barn still i figure the farmers would already beat her to it do the farmers get killed does she team up with them i take it this movie was a flashback to when the monster was still alive for the original 23 days before the second movie where it slept what i dont get is if they already figured it out in this movie why didnt they stop it by killing its body parts while it was on a rampage with the bus they would have plenty of time to do this while it was sleeping for the 23 years in the farm buddy and his girlfriend could have done it since he wasnt on bus and at families house. And where was the girl from in the original movie for all those years waiting gathering info if she did she would have tlked to everyone in the third movie by now and figured out how to kill it why wait twenty three years to go after its body parts is the other pieces only alive if its awake and they have to kill it piece by piece within 23 days if so it has one down .still only explaining what it does and we already knew why it was alive and what it did from first two movies why bring it up again why not tell the story of where it originated all we know is it eats for 23 days then sleeps whats the deeper meaning behind it the first and second had more mystery the third didnt make sense .

    1. The second one doesn’t matter with the darreys sister. The 3rd movie, is technically supposed to be the 2nd one. Like a prequel to the 2nd one. Meaning the creators probably should have went with making the 3rd one before the 2nd one. Or just never added the 3rd. The sister only waited 23 years. After it took her brother, where would she go to find it? No where. So she has to wait for it to resurface in 23 years, and then find it. But the fact they didn’t have her talking to ppl in the town, like you said, doesn’t makes sense. Because if it came back, and terrorized the town, where was she? She said she was waiting for it, but wasn’t involved in helping the town. So technically she’s waiting 23 years 3x? Wouldn’t that make her like 112 lmao

  5. Buddy got lucky that he stayed an extra day in Bollander visiting family. They tied up his character nicely. Imagine if he was in that school bus, he would have had an upper hand in telling them about the Creeper.

  6. In JC 3 it all makes sense, it just takes a minute to add it up. Denny Jenner is taken from the jail, his sister is waiting on parents to come get her. As the story moves on, the Creeper Hunters are after the creeper as he kills numerous locals. This fills in the time between Denny and his sister up until the bus incident. The bus is attacked on the way back from the game so Allison’s boyfriend isn’t on it because he stayed behind for a couple of days with family. After the bus is attacked, the 23 days are up, it sleeps and the farmer and his son have the creeper pinned up on the wall of their barn…..waiting. 23 years pass….the 23rd spring is coming up…..that’s where the “older” version of Trisha Jenner, Denny’s sister comes in, on the internet, sending out a “call to arms” to any and all who will stand up and fight the creeper with her as he is about to wake up again. Now, the only question I have is this. Does she now know where the creeper is because I do agree…..if she did know she, and the farmer, and anyone else affected by the creeper could dismember him or something while he sleeps. Or at least try anyway. So I’m thinking maybe she just didn’t know about the farmer having the creeper in his barn. But….if they made it that easy……the story would end there. No more sequels. Unless his third cousin just happened to be Jason and the family gene makes it possible for him to keep coming back, no matter what. lol

  7. On jeepers creepers 2 there is a brown hair girl in pigtails sitting next to minxie she gets removed from the film at the part juts before the coach is taken she is behind a few boys but as they move around you see she just disappeares from the scene and from the movie why?

  8. In the end of the third buddy told her he. As family in bollander he was gonna stay an extra day which is why bhe wasnt in the 2nd

  9. It actually pains me to see how stupid ya’ll are. The 3rd makes PERFECT sense.
    It all ties in, kills are in order.

    Use your god damn heads


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