The Vault Review (2017)


The Vault is surprisingly entertaining movie.

The Story

Group of bank robbers robbed a bank. But this is no ordinary bank.  The underground bank vault is haunted.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

I didn’t expect much from The Vault, but it was surprisingly entertaining movie.  The movie starts out as typical crime thriller, but it quickly turned into horror thriller.  The idea of haunted bank vault doesn’t sound too scary but you have it admit, it is different.

The movie starts right away with bank robbery scene.  During the robbery, we get to know little bit about the robbers and their back story.  The movie moves fast and there is no dull moments, and it has non-stop suspense.

Overall, acting is solid from all the actors.  As you know, James Franko is the star of the movie and he does good job playing the bank manager.

Unfortunately, the movie has bit of TV show look-and-feel and bit predictable. In terms of horror element, there is few creepy moments, but overall, it isn’t scary at all.

The best part of the movie is the surprise ending.  I have to admit, I didn’t see the surprise coming.

In the Nutshell

The Vault is fun rollercoaster ride with big surprise ending.  If you don’t expect much, you’ll enjoy it. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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Genre: Paranormal Thriller

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