The Vault (2017) Movie Review


‘The Vault’ (2017) is a film that attempts to blend the heist and horror genres into a single, cohesive narrative. Directed by Dan Bush, known for ‘The Signal’, the movie presents an intriguing premise: what happens when a bank robbery meets a haunted house scenario?

The story unfolds in a seemingly ordinary bank, where a group of robbers, disguised as firemen, plan a heist that quickly goes awry. The twist comes when they are directed to a hidden vault in the basement, only to discover that it’s not just money that’s locked away down there. The film stars James Franco, Taryn Manning, and Francesca Eastwood, who deliver performances that anchor the film amidst its chaotic plot twists.

Critics have had mixed feelings about ‘The Vault’. Some appreciated the unique blend of genres and the performances of the rising stars, while others felt that the film fell short in its execution, particularly in the horror elements which relied too heavily on jump scares and lacked a well-defined set of rules. The heist aspect received some praise for its smart handling, but the horror component was deemed underpowered and predictable.

The film’s reception was lukewarm, with a modest score on Rotten Tomatoes and mixed reviews from top critics. Some found the premise reasonable but criticized the film for its straight-to-rental feel and slow pacing. Others were more forgiving, acknowledging that while the film might not be groundbreaking, it provided enough thrills to be a solid thriller.

‘The Vault’ represents an ambitious attempt to merge two beloved genres, and while it may not have hit the mark for all viewers, it certainly provides an interesting case study in genre fusion. The film’s concept, a haunted vault beneath a bank, is a novel idea that could have been a refreshing take on the heist genre. However, the execution seems to have left some viewers wanting more.

In the Nutshell

‘The Vault’ is a film that might not change your life, but it’s an interesting watch for those who enjoy genre mash-ups and are looking for something different in the realm of thriller and horror. It’s a reminder that in cinema, as in any art form, risks are worth taking, and even if they don’t always pay off, they often lead to the most memorable experiences. For those curious about this unique cinematic experiment, ‘The Vault’ is available for limited viewing and video-on-demand services. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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