Lowlifes (2024) Horror Movie Review


“Lowlifes” is a 2024 horror-comedy that has taken the Tubi platform by storm, offering a fresh twist on the classic horror trope of city folk clashing with rural residents. The film follows a Los Angeles family on their road trip in an RV, seeking relaxation and family bonding. However, their journey takes a dark turn when they encounter a group of locals, leading to an unexpected stay at a remote homestead.

The movie begins with a simple premise, but it quickly evolves into something more intriguing, thanks to a blackly comic twist that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s not just the twist that makes “Lowlifes” stand out; it’s the film’s approach to horror. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude, it delivers violence and suspense while maintaining a light-hearted tone, reminiscent of a twisted version of “National Lampoon’s Vacation.”

Director Tesh Guttikonda, known for the horror hit “Influencer,” brings his unique style to “Lowlifes,” combining horror and dark wit in a direct and overt manner. The film doesn’t shy away from violence, with scenes that are both wince-inducing and comically exaggerated. This blend of horror and comedy is a welcome deviation from the formulaic horror films that often flood the market.

The cast of “Lowlifes” is another highlight, with performances that bring the quirky and stereotypical characters to life. The family dynamic is central to the film’s plot, with each member contributing to the unfolding chaos in their own way. The casting choices are spot-on, adding depth to the film’s dark humor and bloody slasher elements.

While “Lowlifes” is a standout in the horror-comedy genre, it’s not without its flaws. The plot’s divisiveness may not appeal to everyone, especially those expecting a traditional horror experience. However, for fans of black comedy and horror with a twist, “Lowlifes” is a delightful surprise that subverts expectations and provides a thoroughly entertaining viewing experience.

In the Nutshell

“Lowlifes” is a must-watch for those who enjoy a good laugh with their scares. It’s a film that proves Tubi can deliver quality horror that’s both enjoyable and unexpected. So, if you’re in the mood for a horror movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, give “Lowlifes” a try – it might just be the best horror screenplay of the year. [4 out of 5].

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