Night of the Hunted (2023) Horror Movie Review


“Night of the Hunted” is a film that grips you from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the credits roll. This 2023 thriller, directed by Franck Khalfoun, takes viewers on a harrowing journey of survival against a backdrop of isolation and desperation.

The movie follows Alice, portrayed by Camille Rowe, who finds herself trapped at a remote gas station by a sociopathic sniper with a vendetta. The tension is palpable as Alice must dodge bullets and fight for her life, all while trying to unravel the mystery of why she’s been targeted. The performance by Rowe is commendable, as she brings a sense of authenticity and grit to the character, making the audience root for her survival.

The cinematography is a standout, with handheld and visually oversaturated shots that create an intimate and claustrophobic atmosphere. It’s as if the audience is right there with Alice, feeling every moment of panic and desperation. The film’s pacing is relentless, with the threat of danger lurking in every frame, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

However, the film is not without its flaws. Some critics have pointed out that the action can feel repetitive and the script occasionally resorts to weak social commentary. Despite this, the film’s premise and the execution of suspense are enough to keep the audience engaged.

“Night of the Hunted” is a testament to the genre of isolation horror, with its single location setting that amplifies the feeling of entrapment. While the writing may not be groundbreaking, and the ending leaves something to be desired, the film delivers on its promise of a nail-biting thriller that will have you questioning what you would do in a fight for survival.

In the Nutshell

For those who appreciate a good thriller that doesn’t shy away from putting its protagonist through the wringer, “Night of the Hunted” is a must-watch. It’s a film that might not redefine the genre but certainly holds its own as a solid entry in the world of survival horror. [4 out of 5].

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