Marrowbone Review (2017) and Spoiler Ending


Marrowbone is very underrated horror film that I recommend highly.

The Story

A family who fled to US from villainous father in England faces biggest challenge when the mother past away and left the children all alone.  The oldest son vow to protect the three younger siblings, but it gets very difficult when there is sinister presence in the old house they live in.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

The movie doesn’t have to be completely original to be a great movie.  Marrowbone is not completely original horror film.  It took few different ideas from different horror films and put it together.  But the movie is executed so well, and it is still very entertaining movie.

Marrowbone is beautifully shot and completely driven by the story.  It has little bit of everything, drama, romance, and lots of suspense and horror, and jump scares.  But the highlight of the film is the surprise twist in the story that completely caught me by surprise.

The characters in the movies are well developed.  The acting from each actors are very good specially from the young actor played by Matthew Stagg.

In terms of horror, there is enough there to keep you in interested.  The horror element is driven by the creepy mysterious house which supposedly haunted.  There are even few good jump scares too.

When I read other reviews, some didn’t like how the movie ended.  But personally, I was very satisfied with the ending. I am just glad that the movie didn’t ended in cliff-hanger nor ambiguous.

It is best to watch the movie without knowing anything about the movie.  So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop reading and just go see the movie.  Don’t even look at the trailer.

Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Warning!)

The biggest surprise is that this movie isn’t about ghosts or demons.  The movie is about multiple personality.  Some might be disappointed by this, but I thought it was brilliant.  The movie does a very good job making you believe that there is ghost in the house until the end.

The story begins with mom and her three sons and a daughter who ran away from her abusive and violent husband.  They found an old house in a remote parts of the small town and settled in.  But problem started when the mom got very ill and eventually died leaving them all alone.  Their plan was to stay hidden until the oldest turns 21, so that they get to stay together.  The oldest, Jack, vow to the rest of the siblings that he will protect them and they will never be separated.

For little while, everything seems okay.  They are all together and having fun.  They even met a local girl named Allie who became part of the family.  She even fall in love with the oldest one, Jack.

But one day, the abusive and violent father eventually found them.  We found out later in the movie that he came looking for them because Rose, the mom, stole money from him before she came to America.  So the father is very angry at the rest of the family.  At the end, Jack failed to protect the siblings and they are all murdered by the father in the attic.  But Jack was able to locked him inside the attic along with dead bodies of the siblings.

Jack was devastated, so he was about to commit suicide.  But his survival instinct kicked in and he created a multiple personalities to make him believe that the siblings are not actually dead.  He was able to live with multiple personality disorder for while believing that the siblings are alive and well.  This explains the fact that Jack is able to go out to get supplies and even meet up with his girl friend, Allie, and the rest of the siblings are not allow to leave home.  He was also able to deal with the curious lawyer all by himself.

But living with multiple personalities is slowly killing him, so eventually the other personalities decided to get help.  They knew only person who can really help him is his girlfriend, Allie.  So they contacted her and she eventually found out what happened.  We also found out the violent father is still alive in the attic and still causing problem.  He ended up killing the curious lawyer and tried to kill Allie.

At the end, Allie decided to stay with him and help him to get better.  The final surprise is that, against the recommendation from the doctor, she decided not to drug him.  She decided to let him continue to believe that his siblings are alive and well.  Because she realized that, that is when he is truly happy.

In the Nutshell

Marrowbone is very good horror film that I recommend highly.  [5 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Haunted

Rotten Tomato Rating: 48%/ 62%

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  1. I thought the siblings were in his head and that he was acting all the personalities of them. I thought the “covered” up bodies were just soiled rags or such, as we did not see them.

    1. We did see the bodies though. Allie even sees the bodies and reacts to them and even covers them back up. The siblings were real until they were killed by dad, then they became alters of Jacks mind that he “acted out” as.

  2. Just finished watching it and it kept me entranced and a twist I did not predict. I give it an 8/10

  3. Just an FyI..They didn’t “find” the house, it was the mothers childhood home I believe. Also it was 21 for Jack.

  4. Did anyone notice the daughter is not in the final picture in the movie? Also, her doll is slightly displaced in the final scenes, on the bed. I wonder what is the deeper meaning. Hello, everyone, l am the Movie Genius.

    1. The sister was in the final picture, she was wearing a hat. It was the photo that his girlfriend took when she and all siblings went on a picnic near the beginning of the film.- I enjoyed movie with the twist & all

  5. Did anyone notice the daughter is not in the final picture in the movie? I wonder what is the deeper meaning. Hello, everyone, l am the Movie Genius.

  6. Don’t agree with the synopsis of this review at all.
    Immediately picked up there was a DiD going on from the beginning. Don’t forget the MOTHER was alive when ALL the characters were present, and the FATHER had not presented himself till well after the mother died, therefore the father supposedly killing the real siblings in the attic could not have caused Jack to develop the other personas. They already existed and were never real anyway. They were created in Jacks mind because of the abuse he suffered by his father when a child. My synopsis therefore is this, Jacks girlfriend is the actual MULTIPLE PERSONALITY not Jack who is also a character (personality) of her mind. The attic scene at the end of the father (alive) is in her mind, she killed the lawyer, and then the personality Jack came to her rescue while supposedly being attacked by his father. The scene of her at the doctors office getting the medicine was for her not Jack the doctor knew she was the one with DiD and the medication she was storing and not taking was because she lived happily in the fantasy world of her mind!

    1. The characters already existed in real life. They were very real and there was paper articles regarding the daughter’s abuse. How did they never exist? They were real people. Jack kept them alive in his mind after they were brutally murdered. These are not characters anyone conjured up, especially not Allie. Your take on this makes no sense at all. Sorry.

  7. Well, I finished the movie now and I am quite in love with the acting of all those involved. Just omgg. That child actor is so cute and adorable. And all the protagonists have portrayed their roles perfectly. Well, wait for the surprise at the end. I am not gonna say anymore.

  8. Wow, Some of the viewers have NO imagination and to rate this poorly, must prove you didn’t grasps how intricately woven all the different themes within this great Thriller. I had no idea the other children were dead, the storyline well fine, and then brings it all together in a terrible unexpected final twist. There’s too Manu CONJURING fans out there and really, these more overlooked and underrated movies in my opinion are outstanding because they aren’t big budget special effect horror. The storyline, acting and what we don’t know is what really makes a movie great. Kudos!


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