Evidence Review (2011)


Evidence is another found-footage style horror with very strange story line.

The Story

Group of friends went camping in remote parts of the woods.  Soon they find themselves terrorized by mysterious figure in the woods.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

First of all, not to be confused with the movie with same title from 2013.

Evidence starts out like any other found-footage horror movie that you’ve seen before. Group of friends went camping in the remote part of the woods and decided to film the whole experience.  But there is something in the woods that starts to terrorize them.

But the second half of the movie takes completely different turn in the story line.  It almost feels like completely different movie.  It seems like they put two completely different movies and put them together.

The pace of the first part of the movie is good.  They spend few minuets introducing the characters and soon they are headed over the wood.  The suspense starts building and it started to get interesting.

But the pace of second half of the movie is very fast.  Maybe too fast.  It is so fast that, I am not quiet sure what is going on.  All we see the characters just running for life with shaky camera.  It is very confusing.  And then, the movie just ends in cliff hanger.

So at the end of the movie, I am trying to make sense of what just happened and trying to make sense of what the movie is about.  We do see some clues as to what is going on bit and pieces of it, but it is not enough to really make sense of it.

In the Nutshell

Evidence is low budget found-footage horror with very confusing story line. But if you have Amazon Prime, why not check it out.  Maybe you’ll like it.  [3 out of 5 stars]

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Genre:  Found-Footage

Rotten Tomato Rating: — / 38%

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