Patient Seven (2016) Horror Movie Review


“Patient Seven” is a unique anthology that weaves together seven short horror stories, each distinct in its narrative yet intricately connected through a central theme of psychological terror. The film, directed by an ensemble of directors, including Danny Draven and Paul Davis, presents a chilling exploration of the human psyche through the eyes of Dr. Marcus, a psychiatrist interviewing mentally ill patients.

The anthology format is a bold choice, offering a variety of horror sub-genres, from the undead to psychological thrillers. Each segment stands on its own merit, showcasing a range of directorial styles and storytelling techniques. The film’s strength lies in its diversity, with each short film bringing a fresh perspective to the horror genre.

One of the standout segments is “Undying Love,” directed by Ómar Örn Hauksson, which presents a zombie-infested world with a poignant twist on love and loss. The segment’s visual and thematic nods to the iconic “28 Days Later” are evident, creating a familiar yet fresh take on the zombie apocalypse narrative.

Another notable entry is “The Body,” directed by Paul Davis, which cleverly blends horror with dark humor. Set on Halloween night, it follows a serial killer who finds his murderous plans entangled with unwitting party-goers, leading to a series of macabre yet comedic events. Alfie Allen’s performance as the killer is particularly memorable, delivering a chilling portrayal of a man whose casual demeanor belies his sinister intentions.

While the film boasts strong performances and a compelling score, it does not escape criticism. Some viewers may find the lack of a cohesive narrative thread connecting the stories a missed opportunity for deeper engagement. The film concludes without offering closure for each patient’s story, leaving some audiences desiring a more satisfying resolution.

Despite this, “Patient Seven” succeeds in delivering a gripping cinematic experience. The anthology’s structure allows for a rapid-fire delivery of horror that keeps the viewer on edge, with each segment contributing to an overarching sense of dread. The recurring motif of a shovel, symbolizing the act of burying or unearthing, serves as a visual thread that ties the stories together, adding a layer of thematic depth to the film.

In the Nutshell

“Patient Seven” is a commendable effort in the horror anthology space. It showcases a variety of talents and provides a platform for different horror narratives to shine. While it may not fulfill the traditional expectations of a singular, coherent storyline, it offers a smorgasbord of terror that will satisfy horror aficionados looking for a diverse and engaging experience. For those willing to embrace its segmented structure, “Patient Seven” is a film that delivers thrills, chills, and a touch of the macabre humor that horror fans relish. I give 3 out of 5 stars.

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