The Autopsy of Jane Doe Review (2016) with Spoiler Ending


The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of rare original horror that I really love. It is bit different then all other horrors that is out there.  I highly recommend this horror movie.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

The story is about the family run morgue in small town.  One night, they got a dead body with no name.  By request from the Sheriff, the father and son team performs autopsy of this body.  What they found is very disturbing and haunting.

The movie starts out quickly. It only takes few minuets to setup the characters and it quickly goes into suspense mode. As the night moves on, more strange things are happening in the morgue and they are trying make sense of all this.   The movie doesn’t really have many jump scenes but it is suspenseful and very creepy.  The majority of movie trying to make sense of all the strange things that is happening during the autopsy.  The last 30 min, all hell break loose and all the question are answered.

I believe it is very difficult to end horror movie that everyone will be happy with. Some might not be happy with how the movie ends, but I am very satisfied with the ending and overall story of the movie.


Spoiler Ending (SPOILER ALERT!!)

The movie reveals that the Jane is actually a witch from old English days.  It revealed that Jane Doe started as an innocent girl who turned into Witch after many years of rituals that was done by the people.  She was abused, raped, and tortured before she was put to death and she is very angry.

The body of Jane Does is dead but the spirit of the witch lives and it continues to torment and kill the people.  The spirit of the witch also controls the environments and manipulate victims mind. During the autopsy, we notice that there were big storm that prevent them to escape from the morgue. But we found that there was no storm.

Spirit of the Witch also takes the soul of all people it killed to regenerate and preserve the body.  We see at the end of movie that the Jane Doe toe started to move which is indicated that she very close of being alive again.  She just need few more people to kill and take their soul.

In the Nutshell

I give 5 out 5 Stars (Highly Recommend). It is must see for all the horror fans.

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Genre: Paranormal

Rotten Tomato Rating: 85% / 72%

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