Resolution Review (2013) With Spoiler Ending


If you are looking for different type horror movie, check out RESOLUTION. This isn’t typical horror movie. It doesn’t have CGI monsters or ghost. It doesn’t have jump scares. It doesn’t have gore or creepy serial killers. It doesn’t have twist ending. In fact, you may not like this movie.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

The story is about a character name Michael. He received an email from his best friend who is a drug addict and he locked himself in the cabin in small town. Michael decided to spend few days in the cabin to save his best friend. During his stay in the cabin, he started experience weird things happening.

It is one of those movie that you have to watch closely to all the clues in the movie. It is one of those movie with very ambiguous ending and you have to search the internet to see what the movie is about.  It is one of those movie you have to watch twice to understand. If you like this type of movie, go for it!!!

After I watched the movie, I asked myself, “What the heck did I just watched”.  Then I went to the internet to find some answers. Even though the movie didn’t make any sense to me, I as intrigued to find out what the whole movie is about. There is this strange mystery that looming around the movie.  Soon as I read what other people were saying about the movie, it started to make sense to ma, and I was impressed about how the director was trying to do.  But just like most of the movie fan, I like the movie to explain to me (at lease give lots of good hind) what the movie is about.  If you want to find more about what the movie is about, scroll down and continue reading.


Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Warning!!)

This horror film play with different concept of “the monster”.  At the end of the movie, we see strange monster peaking its head out briefly. The monster it portrayed in movie is the viewers.  It’s playing with the idea that the audience of the movie are always hungry for lots of drama and twist.

Basically the characters are finding out that there are some kind of paranormal forces that is constantly trying to create a story line that will satisfy the audience.  After having this mind set, watch the movie over again. It should make more sense.

In the Nutshell

I give 3 out of 5 Star (Nothing special but isn’t terrible)

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Genre: Monster

Rotten Tomato Rating: 100% / 64%

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