Circle Review (2015) with Spoiler Ending


The Story

The story is pretty simple. Group of strangers found themselves in mysterious dark room in circle formation. After few minuets, one of them gets zapped and dies.  Now they have to find out where they are what is going on.  At the end, the strangers realized that they are playing some sort of sick game.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

Circle is surprisingly entertaining movie.  But only if you like this type of genre.  Circle is more of sci-fi mystery movie.  It is one of those movie where group of strangers locked in a room and trying to figure out what is going on.  There are many movies like this such as Cube trilogy, Breathing Room, Exam, Killing Room, and Fermat’s Room.  This type of movies usually are driven by the mystery of the situation and surprise ending that follows it.  Circle is same way.  Circle is type of movie which less you know about the movie, more you’ll enjoy the movie.  So I won’t get into any detail.  (See spoiler section for more)

The movie does get into more deeper issue such as what is to be a human.  As the characters trying to figure out what is going on, they are faced with racism, prejudiced, and morality.  At the end, the movie asks one important question; would you do what ever it takes to save yourself or do what is best for the group.

The surprise ending is okay.  It does leave you with more question but it is enough to be satisfied.

Acting & Directing

The acting is pretty decent.  All the actors are unknown actors but they gets the job done.  Circle is directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione.  They are new directors and they are known for TV show called The Vault. 

Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Warning!)

The strangers quickly discovered that they are playing some kind of game.  Every few minuets, they need to vote to kill next person until only one person left in the room.  But there is a problem when last two person left in the room. If the vote is tie, both would be killed which means no one would survive.  So the group need to figure out if all dies at the end or scarified themselves to save one last person.  It does gets interesting when there is a kid and pregnant woman in the room which brings a question, is it human decency to save pregnant woman and a child over you?

At the end, neither the child and pregnant women survives instead a man survives who have been manipulating everyone in the group.

We find out at the end, that aliens from out of space are responsible for the circle.  The man did survive and walked out of the circle at the end.  We do see many other space ships hoverying in the air which indicates that there are other circles out there. We are assuming that the alien have abducted people from earth and playing these experiment with them to see how human decided.  It is not clear why they are doing this.  We do see at the end, that there are other who are wondering around the group, which indicates that they are survivors of other circles.  Some of these survivors are children, pregnant woman, and elderly.

In the Nutshell

If you like Sci-Fi that makes you think, Circle is the movie for you.
[I give 4 out of 5 stars]



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Genre: Sci-fi Mystery

Rotten Tomato Rating: — / 43%

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  1. Fantastic concept that is beautifully executed. All the decisions and rationale behind them feel disturbingly real. I found myself yelling at the characters on many occasions.

    My one gripe would be that it was hard for me to imagine how certain characters would survive as long as they did given their actions.

    That said the turmoil did cause me to become that much more involved in the story.

    This film falls in line perfectly with others that similarly take a unique concept and flesh them out into intriguing narratives. If you like Cube, The Game, The Box, or even Adjustment Bureau (not nearly as sappy so don’t worry) you will love this movie.

    Side note if you watched this movie and liked it you should also check out the ones I mentioned above.

  2. I thought the movie was rather entertaining, but it annoyed me that they gave up on a solution so quickly. 50 people in a room with a sphere that is presumably watching and killing based on circumstance, and no one thinks to suggest covering it up by throwing their jackets on it.

  3. Julie Benz is not necessarily a huge actress but she’s hardly unknown either – and I recognise the soldier actor too but don’t recall his name.

    Awesome movie though!

  4. The ending didn’t make sense. After he killed the pregnant woman he had to kill the unborn baby. So how then is there a pregnant woman who survived on one of the other ships? She would have had to kill her unborn child. I enjoyed the movie but the ending left a bad taste in my brain.

    1. She probably did, that’s why that scene was there. She was probably carrying her dead baby in her belly. She would have to make a choice, either killing her baby, or killing herself, which would’ve also killed the baby.

    2. Maybe a lone pregnant woman gets to keep her baby because she can’t vote for herself and thus the baby inside her too.. every last survivors like the guy in this movie gets to kill the unborn freely at the last stage since the child cannot protect itself so maybe that the catch is that the fate of the unborn is stuck with it’s mother…So you may ask then why the unborn be killed immediately with the mother becoz it is gonna die eventually since it can’t defend itself.. Maybe the aliens wanted to test how far humans could go to survive..

  5. Interesting concept, but after I was about an hour in, things just got boring. I struggled to get to the last few minutes. Once getting there, it was the expected situation. There was a small twist, but it appears the guy acted quick enough to save himself. My only complaint was that the rules had suddenly appeared to have changed for the story. Either way, same end result.
    We get to the end, see a group and immediately understand how the group came to be. Comprised of mostly women and children, there’s one older person and middle-aged person. Thanks to the movie focusing on this particular circle, we have an idea how the middle-aged person walked out of the situation. The older person errr we can make up a realistic story.
    Either way, this movie makes for an interesting story and concept, but at the same time it does leave quite a bit to be desired.

  6. What would have happened if they DID spare the pregnant lady and at the end she would have found out that she had to choose between her or the baby, but sacrificing herself meant killing the baby. Would she have killed the baby and try to survive hersel? 🤔

  7. I was looking for a clue in the whole movie. But apart from the voting process there was no way to finish the game before the last man standing (and then the voting was very unclear). It was an unrealistic movie and one of the worst movies I have ever seen. What could you learn from it: have a big ego? A stupid movie that saves a lot of money by recording it all in one studio, having no variety at all and hardly including any positivism or humor. Therefore I give a negative review.

  8. The man standing in the end tied with the baby thought he won the game but tied. He gets up from sleep on the ground and goes into a similar circle of people looking up at the ships only to get ready to play the game again maybe to finally win.

  9. I especially liked guy who refused to take part in this horrible game – he was silent and haven’t selected anybody to kill. If I would be is similar situation, I would try to behave like he did. Not a great movie, but certainly very interesting.


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