The Devil’s Candy (2017) Movie Review with Ending Explained


The Devil’s Candy (2017) is a gripping horror film that delves into the dark intersections of art, family, and the supernatural. Directed by Sean Byrne, this movie follows Jesse Hellman, a painter and father who becomes ensnared in a chilling nightmare when he and his family move into their dream home.

Ethan Embry delivers a compelling performance as Jesse, embodying a character whose passion for heavy metal music and art takes a sinister turn. The physicality of his role is notable, with a portrayal that is both intense and vulnerable. The film’s exploration of Jesse’s identity as a father adds a poignant layer to the narrative, as he grapples with protecting his family from the malevolent forces that seek to consume them.

The Devil’s Candy succeeds in subverting typical horror tropes, offering a fresh take on the genre. It’s a film that doesn’t rely on excessive gore to unsettle its audience; instead, it builds tension through its psychological thrills and the haunting presence of Pruitt Taylor Vince, who plays a disturbing figure tied to the demonic forces at play.

Critics have praised the movie for its stylish execution and the depth of its characters. It’s a horror film that resonates on an emotional level, making it a standout in its field. The Devil’s Candy is a testament to Byrne’s skill as a filmmaker, confirming his status as one to watch in the horror genre.

For those who appreciate horror that intertwines the psychological with the supernatural, The Devil’s Candy is a must-watch. Its unique twist on demonic narratives and the slow build-up of tension make for an experience that will leave your heart racing long after the credits roll. The film is a heavy metal treat that’s not only visually and narratively engaging but also thought-provoking, examining the lengths a parent will go to in order to protect their children from the evils of the world.

Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Warning!)

Early in the movie, it’s revealed that the serial killer is possessed by a dark spirit residing in the house. The nature of this dark force is largely unknown, but a scene where the killer murders his wife and a cross flips upside down suggests a demonic presence.

The killer’s spree continues with the murder of children, referred to as “The Devil’s Candy,” implying that these acts are to appease the demonic entity.

When the artist father moves into the new house, he starts to create disturbing paintings, seemingly under the influence of a spirit. Initially, it seems to be the same demonic force, but the twist ending reveals it’s actually the spirits of the murdered children, guiding the father to their unmarked graves.

In the Nutshell

The Devil’s Candy isn’t original movie, but it is very entertaining.

I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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