Don’t Hang Up Review (2017)


Don’t hangup is surprisingly good movie that you should definitely check out.

The Story

Don’t Hangup is about two online pranker.  Sam and Brady are two young pranker who does extreme prank.  One day they messed with a wrong guy and he started to terrorize them.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

The opening scene is great which you’ll see in the trailer.  It starts with a lady who is sleeping and got alarming call from an unknown person who identifies himself as police.  He said there is introduce in the house and she has to cooperate with him. She started to panic because she has a young daughter sleeping next door.  It starts to get really intense and that’s when find out it was a prank by these two prankers.

The movie spend little time introducing these two characters and their background little bit but the suspense starts right away with a call from a strange person.  He claimed to be a victim of their prank and these two prankers find out that he means business and he is in total control over them. The movie does have bit of “Saw” feel to it. The villain starts to play these “games” with them.

The best part of the movie is the ending.  It has great ending.  In the final climax, we find out who this person is and why he is terrorizing them. It will definitely surprise you.

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Acting and Directing

The acting is great.  The two young actors who plays Sam and Brady are played by Gregg Sulkin and Garrett Clayton. They are very good.  Rest of the casts include Sienna Guillory, Bella Dayne, Parker Sawyers, Jack Brett Anderson, and Robert Goodman.

Don’t Hangup is directed by two new director Damien Macé, and Alexis Wajsbrot. Surprisingly they are known for supervising visual effect for big blockbuster movies such as Happy Potter, Avatar, Watchman, Gravity, and Iron Man.

In The Nutshell

I really recommend this movie.  I give 5 star out of 5.

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Genre: pychological Horror/Slasher

Rotten Tomato Rating: 30% / 33%

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One comment

  1. I thought quite the opposite about the ending, I gathered who the killer was right from the introduction of the “izzy” facebook account. I found the twist to be lack-luster and the framing element felt way to forced.
    Another big issue I had with the film was the ‘dark web’ aspect of hacking etc. It feels like every movie now days has to have this and it just feels so forced and over done at this point. A lot of the things the antagonist does is unrealistic completely breaking the immersion into the film, like redirecting 911 calls… Okay… sure.

    Overall, whilst the movie was definitely and enjoyable hour and a half, it was nothing more than that, a fun movie to kill time. I dont think it deserves the 5 star praise youve given it and the predictable ending is subjectively one of the main reasons for that.


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