Don’t Hang Up (2017) Horror Movie Review


In the realm of horror-thrillers, “Don’t Hang Up” (2017) emerges as a cautionary tale that intertwines the thrill of mischief with the grim consequences that follow. Directed by Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Macé, the film serves as a stark reminder of the disconnect between online antics and real-world repercussions.

The narrative follows a group of teenagers who find amusement in making prank calls, a hobby that quickly spirals into a nightmare when an anonymous caller turns the tables on them. The film’s premise is not groundbreaking, as it borrows elements from classics such as “Scream” and “Phone Booth,” yet it manages to carve out its own identity with a modern twist on the genre.

Gregg Sulkin and Garrett Clayton deliver convincing performances as the lead characters, whose chemistry and conflict drive the story forward. The film’s pacing is commendable, maintaining suspense and keeping viewers on edge. However, the characters’ lack of depth and the sometimes formulaic plot have drawn criticism from some quarters.

The technical aspects of “Don’t Hang Up” deserve mention. The directors employ a roving-camera technique that adds to the claustrophobic tension, creating an atmosphere that is both stylish and unsettling. The film’s visual flair is a testament to the directors’ potential in the industry.

Critics have pointed out the film’s exploration of the moral implications of online behavior, a theme that resonates with contemporary audiences. The omnipotent antagonist, with seemingly limitless control over technology, may stretch believability, but it also reflects society’s growing concerns over privacy and surveillance.

“Don’t Hang Up” has received mixed reviews, with some appreciating its pacing and suspense, while others find it to be a lackluster addition to the social media horror genre. The film holds a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating a divide between critics and audiences alike.

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In The Nutshell

“Don’t Hang Up” is a film that encapsulates the dangers of a disconnected online culture. While it may not be a masterpiece of the genre, it is a solid entry that provides both entertainment and food for thought. It is a reminder that in an age where online actions can have very real consequences, one should think twice before making that next call. For those interested in a blend of modern horror with a message, “Don’t Hang Up” is worth the watch.  I give 5 out of 5.

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Genre: Psychological Horror/Slasher

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  1. I thought quite the opposite about the ending, I gathered who the killer was right from the introduction of the “izzy” facebook account. I found the twist to be lack-luster and the framing element felt way to forced.
    Another big issue I had with the film was the ‘dark web’ aspect of hacking etc. It feels like every movie now days has to have this and it just feels so forced and over done at this point. A lot of the things the antagonist does is unrealistic completely breaking the immersion into the film, like redirecting 911 calls… Okay… sure.

    Overall, whilst the movie was definitely and enjoyable hour and a half, it was nothing more than that, a fun movie to kill time. I dont think it deserves the 5 star praise youve given it and the predictable ending is subjectively one of the main reasons for that.


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