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“XX” (2017) stands out as a unique entry in the horror anthology genre, not only for its exclusively female directorial team but also for the distinct thematic focus on women’s experiences. The film comprises four short stories, each directed by a different woman, and presents a range of horror sub-genres, from psychological dread to black comedy.

The anthology opens with “The Box,” directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, which is an adaptation of a short story by Jack Ketchum. It delves into the unsettling consequences of curiosity and the disintegration of a family in a manner that is both moody and filled with dread. The narrative leaves the audience with a lingering sense of unease, as it explores the theme of loss and confusion within a family setting.

Annie Clark, also known as the musician St. Vincent, brings a quirky and ambitious tone to the anthology with “The Birthday Party.” This segment combines dark humor with a satirical look at suburban life, as a mother discovers her husband’s body just before their daughter’s birthday party. Clark’s direction creates a contrast between the immaculate setting and the underlying tension, resulting in a piece that plays out like a high farce.

The film’s connective tissue, crafted by Mexican stop-motion animator Sofia Carrillo, adds a beautifully eerie quality to the anthology. Carrillo’s work does not directly relate to the stories but enhances the overall atmosphere with its vividly tactile and disturbing imagery.

Critics have noted that while “XX” is an uneven collection—as is often the case with anthologies—the concept of showcasing female filmmakers in a male-dominated genre is both refreshing and necessary. The film’s exploration of themes such as motherhood and the subversion of traditional female roles adds a layer of depth to the horror elements.


In the Nutshell

“XX” (2017) is a noteworthy anthology that offers a platform for female voices in horror. Its segments vary in effectiveness, but the film’s ambition and the directors’ distinct perspectives make it a compelling watch for those interested in the genre’s evolution and the representation of women’s experiences within it. I give 3 out 5 stars

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