We Are Still Here (2015) Horror Movie Review


“We Are Still Here” (2015) emerges as a unique blend of horror that initially masquerades as a subtle, atmosphere-driven narrative before unleashing a torrent of supernatural terror and gore. Directed by Ted Geoghegan, the film is a nod to the classic horror genre, paying homage to the stylistic elements of the 70s and 80s while carving out its own identity. He is new director, but he is credit for producing many horror movies such as ABCs of Death 2Sweatshop, and Fearmakers.

The movie opens with a somber tone, introducing us to Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton), a couple grieving the loss of their son. They move to a secluded New England home, seeking solace and a fresh start. However, Anne’s feelings of their son’s presence in the house soon evolve into a series of eerie events, suggesting that they are not alone. The arrival of their friends, Jacob (Larry Fessenden) and May (Lisa Marie), who have an interest in the occult, marks the beginning of a chilling revelation that the house demands a sacrifice every thirty years.

Geoghegan’s direction is commendable, especially for a first-time feature filmmaker. He skillfully builds tension and suspense, using the snowy, desolate setting to amplify the sense of isolation and impending doom. The performances are solid, with Crampton and Sensenig delivering emotional depth to their roles, making the audience invest in their tragic backstory.

The film’s true strength lies in its second act, where the subtlety is peeled away to reveal a heart-pounding, blood-soaked nightmare. The special effects are impressive, providing just enough finesse to make the gruesome scenes effective without overindulging in gore. Critics have praised the film for its smart writing, powerful acting, and clever twists.

“We Are Still Here” is a refreshing take on the haunted house trope, offering a blend of psychological horror and visceral thrills. It stands out for its ability to balance homage with innovation, creating a horror experience that is both familiar and new. The film has garnered positive reviews for its ability to deliver scares while also touching on themes of loss and the human desire to connect with the beyond.

In the nutshell

“We Are Still Here” is a testament to Geoghegan’s potential as a filmmaker. It’s a film that respects its roots while fearlessly charting new territory in the horror landscape. [2 out of 5 stars]

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