The Gallows (2015) Horror Movie Review


The Gallows is another found-footage horror. If you like found-footage horror, you’ll probably enjoy it.

The Story

The narrative centers on a high school production titled ‘The Gallows.’ Two decades prior, an actor tragically perished during the performance. In commemoration of the somber anniversary, the decision was made to revive the play. However, this proved to be an ill-advised move.

The Gallows Review

“The Gallows,” released in 2015, stands as a testament to the found-footage genre that has become increasingly popular in horror cinema. The film attempts to weave a story of a high school play gone wrong, with supernatural elements that aim to chill the audience to the bone.

From a technical standpoint, the movie showcases a decent effort in cinematography, utilizing the limited light and confined spaces of a school setting to create an atmosphere of claustrophobia and suspense. The use of handheld cameras adds to the authenticity of the ‘found-footage’ style, although at times it can detract from the viewing experience due to shaky footage.

The narrative unfolds with a group of students who find themselves trapped in the school after hours, which sets the stage for the eerie occurrences that follow. The plot hinges on the resurrection of a school play that met with tragedy twenty years prior, an event that has left a haunting legacy within the school’s walls.

Performance-wise, the cast delivers with varying degrees of success. While some characters manage to evoke a genuine sense of fear and urgency, others fall flat, failing to rise above the clich├ęs that often plague horror movie archetypes.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its sound design, which effectively utilizes silence punctuated by startling noises to keep viewers on edge. However, where “The Gallows” falters is in its over-reliance on jump scares rather than building genuine tension through story and character development.

In the Nutshell

“The Gallows” is an ambitious effort that pays homage to its genre but ultimately struggles to deliver a memorable or innovative horror experience. It serves as an example of how reliance on genre tropes without substantial character investment can result in a film that is forgettable amidst a sea of similar productions.

I give 3 out of 5 stars

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Genre: Found-footage horror

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