Willow Creek Review with Spoiler Ending (2013)


Willow Creek is Blair Witch rip-off but instead of demons and witch, it deals with Big Foot. However, it is still very entertaining movie. I was surprised to find out with was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. I’ve know Bobcat as comedian from 80’s but I never knew he directed movie.  He did good job.

The Story

The story is pretty simple. A couple, Jim and Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend. Jim is obsessed with Bigfoot creature and Kelly goes along for the ride to keep Jim happy.  Without giving away too much, Jim and Kelly’s adventure turned into nightmare very quickly.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

The willow creek is shot in found-footage style and it is so much like Blair Witch with all the shaky camera. If you are looking for CGI monsters and gore, you are looking at a wrong movie. Just like Blair Witch, it plays with your mind.  The movie doesn’t reveal lots of things, and the ending is very ambiguous. But if you pay attention to the movie, you know exactly what is going on, and it is terrifying.

Acting and Directing

Good acting work by two main actors played by Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson .  Like I mentioned before, Willow Creek is written and directed by former comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.

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Spoiler Ending (Spoiler Warning!!)

Obviously, the movie is about bigfoot.  The bigfoot started to terrorize them and ended up killing the boyfriend, Jim.  The girlfriend, Kelly, fight to survive until the end but she also ended up getting captured by the bigfoot.  At the end, we see her getting dragged by the bigfoot to its home base.  There we see quick glimpse of over-weight lady who seems to be a human at the bigfoot’s home. The movie indicates that the bigfoot kidnaps human girls to reproduce.  Early in the movie, when Jim and Kelly was at the bar near Willow Creek, we see many of missing person posters on the wall of women.  We can assumed that these missing women were kidnapped by the bigfoot to repopulate. We can also assumed that the girl friend is kidnapped by bigfoot to repopulate.

In the Nutshell

I give 4 out of 5 star.  It is not perfect but very entertaining.

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Genre: Found-Footage Big Foot

Rotten Tomato Rating: 86% / 34%

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  1. Just watched this movie, had to do it in two sittings as the film just didn’t catch my attention in any way and I’ve watched some terrible found footage movies.

    I think my issues with it were the fact I had seen both actors before, so broke immersion for me somewhat, but I also felt that there were maybe too many shaky cam moments and horrible zoom ins. I get it he’s an amateur filmmaker, and they wanted to keep mystery and suspense, but a lot of it was kind of nauseating to watch.

    Also, the tent scene dragged on a bit too long. It was creepy, then it got a bit long in the tooth. Plus, they felt extremely under-prepared for a hike into the woods, especially if this guy has been fantasising about doing this since he was 8 years old, if I remember the age he mentioned correctly.

    Yeah it’s a film, I get it you need to suspend your disbelief but this film just outright threw an asshole and his girlfriend into the woods and the guy didn’t even have a night mode on the damn thing yet calls out his partner for turning on a torch.

  2. Not worth watching at all I truly could’ve made this movie with my kids… Minus the naked chick at the end. I should’ve spent my time watching paint dry I would’ve had a better time…sadly…

  3. This is one of the most immersive movies I have ever seen in my life. I absolutely loved it. Everything seemed so real, especially the tent scene. The chase scene is a bit overdone, and when they get dragged away by bigfoot, it would stand to reason that if the woman was conscious, she would’ve lost the the camera whilst flailing her arms around, trying to find something to grab onto in an effort to impede the beast.

  4. I find it hard to believe that they had nothing to fight with, she at least had a stick, they had no matches did not make a fire he should get a academy award for being the stupidest man alive ,that’s why she wouldn’t marry him


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