Satan’s Slaves: Communion (2022) Horror Movie Review


“Satan’s Slaves: Communion” is a film that has garnered attention for its gripping narrative and atmospheric horror. Directed by Joko Anwar, the movie serves as a sequel to the 2017 Indonesian horror hit “Satan’s Slaves” and has managed to captivate audiences with its blend of suspense, scares, and gallows humor.

The film is set in a brutalist concrete apartment block, which provides a chilling backdrop for the supernatural events that unfold. The story follows the surviving family members from the first film as they navigate a new set of terrifying circumstances. With an expanded backstory and the groundwork laid for future installments, “Communion” has raised the bar for the series.

Critics have praised Anwar’s commitment to the horror genre, noting his inventive scare crafting and the film’s ability to return to genre basics without sacrificing the director’s trademark style. The movie has been described as “devilishly fun and gorgeously shot,” offering theatrical horror with both style and scale.

The performances in “Communion” have also been highlighted, with a well-chosen cast that brings the terrifying tale to life. The film strikes a balance between sustained atmosphere and world-building, creating a long-lasting nightmare for viewers. Despite some noted shortcomings, the overall reception has been positive, with many critics signing up for a third round to see where the story goes next.

“Satan’s Slaves: Communion” may be addressed to a younger audience than Anwar’s previous horrors, but it retains the artistry, humor, and smartly presented comments that fans have come to expect. The film has been rated highly for its atmosphere, which is considered to be on a top level. If you haven’t seen the first installment, “Satan’s Slave”, it is highly recommended.

In the Nutshell

“Satan’s Slaves: Communion” is a standout entry in the Indonesian horror genre, delivering a chilling and artfully accomplished slice of supernatural action. It’s a film that not only satisfies fans of the first installment but also invites new viewers into its haunting world. With its successful blend of horror elements and a clear vision for the future of the series, “Communion” is a sequel that stands on its own merits and solidifies Joko Anwar’s status as a master of the genre. I give 4 out of 5.

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