Son (2022) Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert!)


The Story

Son is about a single mom and her sick son, and she is trying to do whatever it takes to save her son. One day, she saw someone broke into her son’s room and she got really scared. So she called the police.

Then there is the police detective who is seems to go out of his way to help her. Later on, they seem to have some kind of love relationship.

It gets interesting when the single mom told the detective that she used to be in a cult. She thinks that the cult members are looking for her and her son.  So the detective started to look into her past and found out she has been victims of abuse, and she was in mental hospital.

Meanwhile, her son continues to get very sick, and the doctor doesn’t know why. Then she found out, her son seems to get better after eating human flesh. So she had no choice to continue feeding her son with human flesh. Because of this, she finds herself running from the law.

Meanwhile, she continues to keep in touch with the detective. Later she told him that she’s going back to cult members hideout to find answers.

Through her journey, she started to remember that her son is not a human, and she can no longer kill a person feed her hunger. So she decided to give her son to his father who was the devil himself. But the detective met her there and they killed her.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert!)

At the end, the question remains, is the mother crazy and delusional, or she telling the truth.

The final scene pretty explains everything. At the end, the detective met with her son at the hospital. He started to feed him with his flesh and told him, he is there to protect him. At the end, he introduce him with the real father who is the devil himself.

The surprise twist is that The detective is member of the cult she was in and he was sent to keep on eye on the boy and protect him because the boy is very special. He is half human and half devil. The mom was telling the truth the whole time.

When we look back, it all makes sense.  The opening scene is when she escapes from a cult.  And the cult members were chasing her.  She was pregnant at that time, and she didn’t want her baby to born because she knew that her baby is not a human.  As the baby starts to grow up, I can see that she continues to fear for her life because she knew the cult members are after her.  We also see her constantly checking her baby to see if has fang or horn or something. 

In the Nutshell

Son is surper natural horror with surprise ending. [4 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Supernatural Horror

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