Terrifier 2 (2022) Horror Movie Review


“Terrifier 2” has carved its name into the annals of slasher film history with a bloody flourish. Directed by Damien Leone, this sequel to the cult classic “Terrifier” has been met with a mix of revulsion and acclaim, proving that it is not for the faint of heart. The film’s notorious antagonist, Art the Clown, portrayed by David Howard Thornton, returns to the screen with a performance that is both chilling and captivating.

The movie picks up with Art being resurrected by a mysterious entity, setting the stage for another Halloween night filled with terror in the quiet town of Miles County. This time, Art’s gruesome attention is drawn to siblings Sienna and Jonathan, played by Lauren LaVera and Elliott Fullam, respectively. The plot weaves a sinister tapestry as it explores the connection between the siblings, their deceased father’s ominous sketchbook, and the malevolent clown.

Critics have noted that “Terrifier 2” outshines its predecessor in many aspects, delivering a more substantial narrative and character development. The film’s dedication to practical effects and masterful kill sequences has been praised, offering a visceral experience that harkens back to the glory days of practical effects in horror cinema. However, some reviews have pointed out that despite its improvements, the film still suffers from underdeveloped subplots and a lack of overall cohesion.

The reception of “Terrifier 2” has been polarizing, with some viewers heralding it as a triumph of genre filmmaking, while others have found its graphic content overwhelming. Reports of audience members fainting and vomiting have surfaced, underscoring the film’s intense impact on viewers. Despite these extreme reactions, the film has found a dedicated fanbase that appreciates its unapologetic embrace of the slasher genre’s more brutal elements.

Lauren LaVera’s portrayal of Sienna has been highlighted as a standout performance, infusing the scream queen archetype with a fresh and compelling energy. The film’s aesthetic, including its synth-pop score and retro horror vibes, adds to its charm, appealing to both new and nostalgic fans of the genre.

In the Nutshell

“Terrifier 2” is a bold statement in modern horror, pushing the boundaries of on-screen violence and slasher storytelling. While it may not be universally adored, its commitment to the art of practical effects and its ability to provoke such strong reactions is a testament to its power as a piece of horror cinema. Whether you’re a hardcore slasher fan or a curious newcomer, “Terrifier 2” is a film that demands to be experienced, if only to witness the evolution of Art the Clown’s terrifying legacy. [3 out of 5].

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