The Nun 2 (2023) Horror Movie Review with Ending Explained


The Review

“The Nun 2” emerges as a follow-up to its predecessor, aiming to instill fear with its tale of demonic hauntings and spiritual warfare. The film revisits Sister Irene, portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, five years after the harrowing events of the first installment. This time, she encounters Debra, a novice nun grappling with her faith, played by Storm Reid. Together, they face the daunting task of performing a miracle as demanded by the Vatican, all while the malevolent force of Valak continues to unleash terror on Europe’s religious figures.

Director Michael Chaves takes the helm in this sequel, attempting to weave a narrative that balances horror with emotional depth. However, the film falters in its execution, with critics noting an overreliance on familiar horror tropes and a lack of originality in its scare tactics. The frequent appearances of the demon nun Valak, portrayed once again by Bonnie Aarons, risk desensitizing the audience rather than evoking fear, as the mystery that once shrouded the character dissipates with each sighting.

Despite these criticisms, Taissa Farmiga’s performance stands out, bringing a nuanced evolution to her character, Sister Irene. From a timid presence in the first film, Irene now wields her power with a newfound confidence. Farmiga’s dynamic portrayal is a highlight, though it is not enough to carry the film’s weight, which is burdened by an underwhelming script and predictable plot developments.

The film introduces a subplot involving Maurice, played by Jonas Bloquet, who returns as a handyman at a girls’ boarding school. His developing romance and protective instincts add a layer of emotional investment to the story, yet this too struggles to elevate the overall narrative.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Warning!)

The Nun 2 is continuation from the first the Nun from 2017. We highly recommending watching the first movie.  Here is recap for The Nun.  The villainous demon, Valak returns, causing a new wave of murders in France in 1956. The story centers around Sister Irene, who must face her fears and take down Valak for good.

Valak seeks the eyes of Saint Lucy, a saint of the blind who was murdered by Pagans. These sacred eyes hold divine power, and Valak is determined to acquire them. At the same time, the eyes of Saint Lucy is key to destroying Valak for good.

Maurice, aka frenchie, a character from The first Nun is back. He was partially possessed from the first movie by Valak. So Valak uses Maurice to terrorize the school. Also Valak uses him to look for the eyes of Saint Lucy which is hidden somewhere in the school.

Sister Irene and Debra was able to find the eyes of Saint Lucy. But Sister Irene was unable to use it to destroy Valak. Instead Valak got hold of it. It seems like all hope is lost.

But at the end, Sister Irene and Sister Debra figure out how to defeat Valak. They recall their earlier conversation about faith being behind the idea of transubstantiation. Using this knowledge, they pray together. Also, we found out Sister Irene’s mother is descendant of Sister Lucy and she possesses special power. Sister Irene also possessed same power to defeat Valak.

Through faith and prayer, Caskets of red wine explode, and the wines turn into the blood of Jesus Christ–the same weapon that was successfully used against Valak in the first film. Valak is defeated. Also, it appears that Maurice is free from Valak’s possession.

The next morning, Irene finds Maurice tending to his tomato plant in the school’s garden. The tomato plant grew from seeds that Irene gave him when they parted ways in Romania from the first movie. It appears that Maurice is now free from Valak. But we see him from first movie that 20 years later, Maurice appears again and getting exorcised by Lauriane and Ed.

The film hints at a possible connection between Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren. It appears that Lorraine Warren is also descendant of Saint Lucy.

In the Nutshell

“The Nun 2” presents a mixed bag for horror enthusiasts. While it retains the atmospheric richness of the Conjuring universe, it falls short in delivering a compelling and genuinely frightening experience. The film’s reliance on jump scares and horror clichés may entertain some, but for those seeking a fresh and chilling addition to the genre, “The Nun 2” may not fulfill those expectations. [3 out of 5].

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