The Visitor (2022) Horror Movie Review


“The Visitor,” released in 2022, is a psychological thriller that delves into the chilling concept of doppelgängers and the dark secrets that families can harbor. Directed by Justin P. Lange and featuring performances by Finn Jones and Jessica McNamee, the film presents a haunting narrative that explores identity, legacy, and the inescapable nature of the past.

The story follows Robert and his wife Maia as they move into her childhood home. The discovery of an old portrait in the attic resembling Robert sets off a series of eerie events, leading him down a rabbit hole in search of the identity of his mysterious look-alike. The film’s premise is intriguing, promising a journey filled with suspense and unexpected twists.

Critics have had mixed reactions to “The Visitor,” with some praising its streamlined script and steady escalation of tension, while others found it to be a collection of clichés and familiar tropes. Despite the divided opinions, there is a consensus on the film’s ability to maintain audience engagement, even as it ventures into bizarre territory in its final act.

The performances, particularly by Finn Jones, have been noted for their intensity and commitment to the roles. The atmospheric setting and cinematography contribute to the film’s overall eerie tone, creating a sense of unease that lingers with the viewer.

However, some reviewers have pointed out that “The Visitor” struggles to find its footing within the horror genre, attempting to blend several styles but not fully committing to any. This has led to a feeling of disjointedness, as if the film is unsure of the direction it wants to take.

Despite these criticisms, “The Visitor” does offer moments of genuine intrigue and horror. It’s a film that may not redefine the genre but certainly adds to the conversation about how horror can reflect our deepest fears about identity and the unknown.

In the Nutshell

“The Visitor” is a film that will likely polarize audiences. For those who appreciate a slow-burn thriller with a focus on psychological horror, it may prove to be an engaging watch. For others, it might fall short of expectations, feeling like a retread of familiar ground. Nonetheless, it’s a film that bravely tackles the concept of doppelgängers and the shadows that lurk within family histories, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre. [2 out of 5].

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