The Voices (2020) Horror Movie Review


The Story

A young woman seeks sanctuary at a remote family home, where she struggles to cope with her sister’s paranoid schizophrenia and her own sanity before it tears them apart.


The Voices is a drama with a bit of horror twist.  So, if you are looking for a creepy or scary movie, this isn’t for you.  But it does deal with difficult subjects of mental illness.  The story and plot is simple, two sisters in a cabin, both dealing with a troubled past as siblings and individuals.

As a horror drama, it is a fairly decent effort with some strong points.  For the first few minutes, I couldn’t care much for the characters.  And the film seems to recycle some typical horror film tropes. Yet, little by little, you get to see good acting, interesting plot development, and an overall nice execution.  And to top it off, a surprise ending.  So, whoever is up for a slow burner, you might get your kicks with this one.

On the side note, there is a surprise guest appearance by Lin Shaye.  But she has nothing to do with the plot.  I am thinking they got her in the movie to better market the movie.

In the Nutshell

All in all, The Voices is a movie that deserves some praise for sticking to its idea. [4 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Horror Drama

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