8ight After Review (2020)


The Story

Vince and Deanna are YouTube vloggers.  After a home renovation, they discovered a strange cross necklace buried behind the wall.  Soon after very strange and bizarre activities seem to surround her.


8ight After is a horror film shot in vlog style.  What is interesting about this horror film is that it chronicles the true story of a demonic possession in 2019 to film director and editor Vince Rocca and his wife Deanna.

The movie is little over an hour long.  So basically, you are watching a one hour long personal Youtube vlog.  In terms of vlog production, it is entertaining.  The pace of the movie is pretty good, and the movie goes in detail of their personal life.  So, if you enjoy watching lifestyle vlog, you’ll enjoy this movie.

In terms of the horror story, you might be disappointed.  It does have few creepy Paranormal Activity moments, but nothing new.  At this point, all have seen this before.  But as for me, watching paranormal activities occurring in home security cameras always gives me the creep.  Also, I was a bit disappointed that there isn’t much story behind all the possessions and paranormal activities occurring in the house.  But it is intriguing because of the fact that it is a true event that happened to Vince and Deanna in real life.

In the Nutshell

8ight After is a horror film based on a true story.  If you are a horror fan and also enjoys YouTube vlog, you’ll enjoy this film.  [3 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Found-footage Horror

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