8ight After (2020) Horror Movie Review


“8ight After,” directed by Vincent Rocca, is a horror film that delves into the life of a YouTuber who encounters a demonic presence after discovering a mysterious box in her house. The movie attempts to weave a narrative of suspense and terror as the protagonist is haunted every night at 1:08 AM. However, the film struggles to escape the shadow of its genre predecessors.

The movie’s attempt at a fresh take on the found-footage style, popularized by films like “Paranormal Activity,” falls short due to its slow pacing and lack of originality. The main characters, played by Deanna Rocca and Vincent Rocca, fail to evoke empathy from the audience, which is a critical misstep for a film relying heavily on the viewer’s emotional investment.

Critics and audiences alike have noted the film’s tedious nature, with many scenes dragging on without significant plot development. This results in a viewing experience that feels longer than its 1 hour and 38 minutes runtime. The climax, which should be the payoff for the viewer’s patience, is anticlimactic and leaves many questions unanswered, leading to a dissatisfying conclusion.

Despite these criticisms, it’s worth acknowledging the effort put into the production of “8ight After.” The film’s low-budget roots are evident, but they also showcase the filmmakers’ dedication to their craft. The movie might appeal to a niche audience that appreciates the effort behind independent filmmaking and the horror genre’s nuances.

In the Nutshell

“8ight After” is a film that might have benefited from a tighter narrative and more developed characters. It serves as a reminder that in the realm of horror, it’s not just the jump scares that matter, but also the story’s ability to haunt the viewer long after the credits roll. For those curious about this film, it may be worth a watch, keeping in mind its limitations and appreciating it as an example of independent horror cinema. [3 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Found-footage Horror

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