Totally Killer (2023) Horror Movie Review


Nahnatchka Khan’s “Totally Killer” is a genre-bending blend of slasher horror, time travel comedy, and 80s nostalgia, all anchored by the charismatic performance of Kiernan Shipka. Released in 2023, the film offers a lighthearted yet thrilling experience, transporting viewers back to a neon-drenched decade while delivering laughs and jump scares in equal measure.

Plot Twists and Time Warps: The narrative follows Jamie (Shipka), a jaded teenager thrust into the heart of 1987 after witnessing a modern-day murder connected to a decades-old serial killer. Trapped in the past, she reluctantly teams up with her younger mother to prevent the original killings and secure their safe return to the present. The plot unfolds with predictable yet entertaining twists, balancing humor and suspense as Jamie navigates the cultural clashes and technological limitations of the past.

Shipka Shines in Neon: Shipka’s portrayal of Jamie is the film’s heart and soul. Her witty delivery and sardonic humor perfectly capture the fish-out-of-water dynamic, while her emotional connection with her younger mother adds depth and pathos to the comedic premise. The supporting cast, including Olivia Holt and Julie Bowen, deliver solid performances, further enriching the film’s dynamic.

Nostalgia Trip with Bite: “Totally Killer” revels in its 80s influences, employing a vibrant color palette, a synth-heavy soundtrack, and iconic references that will resonate with viewers of a certain age. However, the film avoids cheap nostalgia traps, using the era as a backdrop for its characters’ journey rather than resorting to mere imitation.

Slasher Lite: While the film retains elements of slasher horror, the violence is presented in a stylized and comedic manner, likely appealing more to fans of lighthearted horror than gorehounds. The focus remains on the comedic interplay and time travel adventure, making it suitable for a broader audience.

Verdict: “Totally Killer” is a fun and engaging film that blends genres effectively. While not groundbreaking, it offers a nostalgic trip with witty dialogue, endearing characters, and a healthy dose of thrills. If you’re looking for a lighthearted escape filled with 80s vibes and Shipka’s undeniable charm, “Totally Killer” is definitely worth rewinding your time for.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A nostalgic and entertaining blend of comedy, horror, and time travel, anchored by a strong performance from Kiernan Shipka.


Genre: Serial Killer / Slasher

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