The Invitation (2022) Horror Movie Review


A Familiar Premise:

“The Invitation” (2022), directed by Jessica M. Thompson, invites viewers into a world of unsettling secrets and chilling suspicions. Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel), recently orphaned, takes a DNA test and discovers a long-lost family in England. Wooed by the charm of her wealthy cousin and his lavish lifestyle, she accepts an invitation to their grand estate for a wedding celebration. However, a pervasive sense of unease creeps in as Evie uncovers hidden agendas and a disturbing past lurking beneath the surface.

A Slow Burn with Occasional Flickers:

The film initially builds a slow-burning atmosphere, hinting at a dark undercurrent beneath the veneer of familial warmth. The cinematography effectively utilizes dark tones and secluded spaces, creating a sense of isolation and impending danger. However, the pacing can feel sluggish at times, and the narrative relies heavily on well-worn tropes of the mystery and horror genres.

Characters Lack Luster:

While the performances are decent, the characters in “The Invitation” lack depth and complexity. Evie, as the protagonist, feels somewhat underdeveloped, and her motivations and emotional journey don’t fully resonate. The supporting cast, despite their intriguing potential, ultimately fall into predictable archetypes, failing to provide a compelling counterpoint to the unfolding events.

A Predictable Twist and Rushed Finale:

The film’s central twist, while not entirely predictable, doesn’t offer a fresh perspective on the genre. The climax feels rushed, failing to deliver the full potential of the built-up tension. The ending, though tying up loose ends, might leave some viewers feeling unsatisfied, lacking the emotional and narrative closure they might have craved.

A Passable Offering for Genre Fans:

“The Invitation” is a watchable film with a decent premise and a couple of suspenseful moments. However, its familiarity in plot, underdeveloped characters, and predictable execution prevent it from truly standing out in the crowded landscape of mystery and horror films. It might offer a suitable distraction for fans of the genre, but for those seeking a more innovative and emotionally engaging experience, it might be best to look elsewhere.


If you’re looking for a familiar genre experience with a touch of gothic mystery, “The Invitation” might be worth a watch. However, if you crave originality, complex characters, and a truly chilling atmosphere, you might want to seek out a different invitation.

Invitation (2022) Horror Movie Review


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