Who Invited Them (2022) Horror Movie Review


“Who Invited Them” is a 2022 thriller that delves into the unsettling dynamics of a housewarming party gone awry. Directed and written by Duncan Birmingham, the film presents a seemingly simple premise that escalates into a night of psychological games and suspense.

The story unfolds in the Hollywood Hills, where Adam and Margo, played by Ryan Hansen and Melissa Tang, are hosting a celebration of their new home. The party takes a strange turn when two uninvited guests, Tom and Sasha, portrayed by Timothy Granaderos and Perry Mattfeld, insinuate themselves into the festivities. Claiming to be the neighbors, their overstay becomes increasingly uncomfortable, hinting at ulterior motives beneath their charming facades.

Birmingham’s narrative attempts to blend satire with tension, poking fun at the nouveau riche lifestyle of Adam and Margo while building a sense of dread around the intrusive Tom and Sasha. The film’s title, dropped casually by Adam early on, becomes a recurring question that haunts the viewer as the night progresses.

Critics have noted the film’s uneven pacing and the need for a stronger escalation of stakes to maintain viewer interest. Despite this, there are moments where the dark humor shines through, particularly in the interactions between the couples as they navigate the awkward and increasingly threatening situation.

The performances are commendable, with Hansen’s portrayal of the genial host Adam and Tang’s Margo, who transitions from reluctant to proactive as the evening spirals out of control. Granaderos and Mattfeld bring a necessary edge to their roles, keeping the audience guessing about their true intentions.

In the Nutshell

“Who Invited Them” may not reinvent the home invasion genre, but it offers a fresh take on the concept with its satirical edge and psychological underpinnings. It’s a film that will resonate with those who appreciate a slow burn and a touch of dark comedy in their thrillers.  Unfortunately, the movie pace was too slow and lost my interest in the middle of the movie.  [1 out of 5].

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